Academic Catalog

Computer Science Minor

The Minor Program provides a background in computer science for students who are majoring in other fields of study at Wayne State University. 

MAT 2010Calculus I4
STA 2210Probability and Statistics3-4
or BE 2100 Basic Engineering III: Probability and Statistics in Engineering
Total Credits7-8
Computer Science
BE 1600Introduction to Programming and Computation: Python3
CSC 1100Problem Solving and Programming 14
CSC 1500Fundamental Structures in Computer Science 14
CSC 2110Computer Science I 14
CSC 2200Computer Science II 14
Two additional Computer Science courses numbered 3000 or above. 26
(Please note that the four-credit core CSC courses include mandatory instructional labs linked to the lecture course. labs. These laboratories must be taken concurrently with their corresponding co-requisite lecture.)
Total Credits25

A minimum grade of ‘C’ is required in these courses. For all other MAT, BE and CSC courses, a minimum grade of 'C-' is required. 


excluding CSC 3010,  CSC 4990 and CSC 4995

A minimum of twelve credits in computer science must be earned at Wayne State University.

Students may wish to modify the minor program to fit their special needs. For any changes or adjustments to the above course requirements, students should contact the computer science undergraduate academic advisors for approval. Students declaring their minor should consult an advisor for the most recent requirements and plan of work.

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