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Information Technology (B.S.)

This program prepares the student for a challenging workplace with an enhanced knowledge of business applications. The curriculum for the degree is designed to provide students with a solid foundation in computer and information systems and business administration.

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements for this program are satisfied by the general requirements for undergraduate admission to the University.

Academic Regulations

Academic Probation

 A student is considered to be on academic probation whenever his or her cumulative grade point average, or his or her grade point average in the computer science program, falls below 2.0. A student may also be placed on probation whenever his or her academic performance is deemed unsatisfactory. If, at the end of the first semester on probation, the student’s cumulative grade point average has not increased to at least 2.0, he or she will be excluded from the Department of Computer Science. If the student’s cumulative g.p.a. reaches at least 2.0 by the end of the first semester after being placed on probation, he or she will be returned to regular status. Following exclusion from the Department of Computer Science, the privilege of registering in the Department will be withheld for at least one calendar year.


A student who has been refused the privilege of registering in the Department may request a reconsideration of his or her status by the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) after the one-year exclusionary period. He or she should not make the request, however, unless evidence can be provided of changes in academic preparation or circumstances that will substantially increase the likelihood of academic success. A formal written request for reconsideration must be presented to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Students who plan to petition for readmission are encouraged to request a meeting with the ASC as early as possible during the exclusion period to discuss what changes may provide an opportunity for readmission. In no case is readmission to the Department of Computer Science guaranteed.

Repeated Courses and Substandard Grades

 Students will be allowed up to a maximum of five repeated courses, one repeated course for a substandard grade. If a student must repeat a subsequent course in order to complete their degree, he or she will be excluded from the Department of Computer Science (i.e., students must complete a course within three attempts). Prerequisite math and science courses that do not satisfy degree requirements, but are required if students did not place into MAT 2010, are also counted towards exclusion from the Department. A substandard grade is defined as a grade lower than the minimum requirement (i.e., a grade of C-minus in CSC 1100/1101, or a WP/WF/WN). 

Degree Requirements

Candidates must complete 120 credits in course work including satisfaction of the University General Education Requirements, as well as the departmental major and business administration minor requirements cited below. All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the University and the College of Engineering governing undergraduate scholarship and degrees.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their assigned academic advisor to discuss degree requirements as soon as possible after admittance into the program. 

Mathematics Courses
MAT 2010Calculus I4
ET 3850Reliability and Engineering Statistics3
Total Credits7
Professional Communication Courses
ENG 3050Technical Communication I: Reports3
or ENG 3010 Intermediate Writing
ENG 3060Technical Communication II: Presentations3
Total Credits6
Computer Science Courses
CSC 1002Personal Digital Security3
CSC 1050Introduction to C and Unix2
BE 1600Introduction to Programming and Computation: Python3
CSC 1100Problem Solving and Programming 14
CSC 2110Computer Science I 14
CSC 3010Ethics in Computer Science3
CSC 3020Java Programming3
CSC 3400Human-Computer Interaction3
CSC 3750Introduction to Web Technology3
CSC 4190Computer Network Systems and Applications3
CSC 4310IT Software Management3
CSC 4320Systems Administration3
CSC 4330Mobile Application Development3
CSC 5272Principles of Cyber Security3
CSC 5290Cyber Security Practice3
CSC 5750Principles of Web Technology3
Total Credits49

CSC 1100 and CSC 2110 include a required linked lab that corresponds to the lecture.

Engineering Technology Courses
EET 2720Microprocessor Fundamentals3
ET 4999Senior Design Project3
Total Credits6

Business Administration Minor 

The Mike Ilitch School of Business offers a minor in business for undergraduate students majoring in other disciplines. The Business Minor consists of six courses, totaling eighteen credits. Students must also complete prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of C (2.0 g.p.a.) for each course. The minor provides an excellent opportunity for non-business majors to broaden their knowledge of the business disciplines. In addition, the program enhances career prospects and establishes a solid business base for pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree. To be eligible to apply for the Business Minor, students must have a minimum overall grade point average of 2.5.

Information Technology students must meet with a business advisor to officially declare a minor.

Prerequisite Courses (11 credits)
BA 2300Quantitative Methods I: Probability and Statistical Inference3
or ET 3850 Reliability and Engineering Statistics
ECO 2010Principles of Microeconomics ((Social Inquiry))4
ECO 2020Principles of Macroeconomics ((Social Inquiry))4
Required Courses (18 credits)
ACC 3010Introduction to Financial Accounting3
MGT 2530Management of Organizational Behavior3
MKT 2300Marketing Management3
TIS 3630Business Information Systems3
Two electives from Mike Ilitch School of Business ISM courses6
Total Credits29

A minimum grade of C is required for the following respectively:

CSC 1100Problem Solving and Programming4
CSC 2110Computer Science I4

All other courses including CSC, MAT, BE, EET, ET, and courses within the General Education program must adhere to the requirements of the Engineering Division (grades of C-minus or better, unless otherwise specified). 

Information Technology Honors

To qualify for Departmental Honors, students must maintain a cumulative g.p.a. of 3.3 or higher and must complete the following coursework:

Department Honors Thesis (BE 5998)3
One semester of an Honors Program 42XX level seminar 3
Six additional honors credits in Computer Science or Engineering Technology (CSC, EET, and ET) courses 6
Total Credits12

Students should consult with the Honors College regarding additional honors-designated course work available each semester. 

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