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Graphic Design Minor

The Graphic Design Minor offers students the opportunity to learn the basics of typography, layout and visual hierarchy. Students will have the opportunity to learn through lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The minor broadens understanding of graphic design and its role in everyday visual cultures. 

The Graphic Design Minor requires 21 credits as specified below.

Required Course
ADN 3100Design Process3
Design History
Select one of the following:3
History of Interior Design and Architecture
History of Graphic Design
History of Costume
History of Modern Design I
History of Modern Design II
Graphic Design
AGD 2230Introduction to Typography: Skills and Concepts3
AGD 2240Introduction to Graphic Design: Skills and Concepts3
AGD 2250Typography3
AGD 3250Graphic Design I: Principles and Problem Solving3
AGD 3260Introduction to Interactivity in Graphic Design3
Total Credits21
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