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Digital Art and Photography Minor

This minor offers students the opportunity to supplement their major field of study with a rigorous investigation of digital art and photography. The program will provide a rich academic environment that will foster creativity and spur innovative thinking. The three required courses provide students with a deep understanding of the production of visual language in video, photography, and other time-based methods. From this dynamic foundation, they will choose a line of study to more thoroughly investigate advanced photography techniques, interactive art, or 2D/3D animation in a fine arts context.

Students must complete 18 credits as specified below:

Required courses 9
Time Studio
Time-Based Media I: Video Art
Introduction to Photography
Art History - choose one3
Introduction to Art
Survey of Art History: Ancient through Medieval
Survey of Art History: Renaissance through Modern
Encounters with the Arts of Global Africa
Studio Electives - choose two6
Introduction to Digital Practices
Introduction to Interactivity in Art
Time-Based Media II: Experimental Animation
Time-Based Media III: Experimental 3D Animation
Advanced Interactivity: Experimental Video Games
Advanced Time-Based Media
Black and White Darkroom Photography I
Digital Photography I
Darkroom Photography
Digital Photography
Advanced Camera
Advanced Printing
Total Credits18

All courses in the minor must be completed with the grade of C- or higher. 

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