Academic Catalog

Printmaking Minor

This minor offers students the opportunity to supplement their major field of study to focus on printmaking as a means of visual expression. Students pursuing a Minor in Printmaking must complete 18 credits distributed as follows:

Select one of the following:3
Surface Studio
Drawing I
Select one of the following:3
Survey of Art History: Ancient through Medieval
Survey of Art History: Renaissance through Modern
Encounters with the Arts of Global Africa
APR 2300Printmaking3
Select three of the following:9
Photo-Processes for Printmaking I
Intaglio I
Lithography I
Screen Printing I
Relief and Experimental Printmaking I
Photo-Processes for Printmaking II
Intaglio II
Lithography II
Screen Printing II
Relief and Experimental Printmaking II
Total Credits18

All courses in the minor must be completed with the grade of C- or higher. 

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