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Blacksmithing Minor

The Blacksmithing minor is intended for students who wish to hone their critical thinking and creative problem solving by using a variety of blacksmithing skills including handwork, machining and digital fabrication to refine their ability to produce artwork, commissions and utilitarian tools. With a minor offering such as Blacksmithing, students in art, design, physics, engineering, education and other interested majors will be able to have a “physical” material application to apply to their field and creative/research projects.

Students pursuing a Blacksmithing minor must complete the following courses from the list below totaling 21 credits.

Select one of the following:3
Drawing I
Surface Studio
Space Studio
Time Studio
Select one of the following:3
Survey of Art History: Ancient through Medieval
Survey of Art History: Renaissance through Modern
Encounters with the Arts of Global Africa
History of Modern Design I
Art: Metalsmithing (AME) Requirements:12
Introduction to Jewelry and Metalsmithing
Blacksmithing I
Blacksmithing II
Blacksmithing III
Total Credits21
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