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Urban Planning (M.U.P.)

Admission to this program is contingent upon admission to the Graduate School.

The Master of Urban Planning is offered by this department under the following options:

Plan A: Forty-eight credits including an eight credit thesis.

Plan B: Forty-eight credits including a three credit essay.

Plan C: Forty-eight credits of coursework.

The distribution of the forty-eight credits is as follows: twenty-three credits in required courses (listed below), which build the core of the program; selection of elective courses (between thirteen and seventeen credits) to form a topic concentration; and the completion of a capstone component that includes an integrative project (UP 7700, four credits), and professional report (UP 7500, three credits) or a master’s essay (UP 7999, three credits), or a master’s thesis (UP 8999, eight credits). Students are strongly advised to pursue Plan C. Plan C includes the Professional Report, UP 7500. Students can petition the Graduate Director to substitute other courses for UP 7500. Students will not be permitted to graduate if they obtained B- or less on more than one required (core) classes.

Required (Core) Courses

UP 5010Resources and Communication in Planning3
UP 5110Urban Planning Process3
UP 6120Planning Studies and Methods4
UP 6320Quantitative Techniques I4
UP 6510Urban and Regional Systems3
UP 6650Planning and Development Law3
UP 7010Planning and Decision Theory3

Electives: Following completion of at least twelve credits in required courses, students will, in consultation with their assigned faculty advisor, devise a Plan of Work, selecting elective courses that constitute one of three concentrations:

  • Housing and Community Development
  • Urban Economic Development
  • Managing Metropolitan Growth.

With the approval of the Director of the Urban Planning Program, a student may design his/her own topic of concentration.

Prior completion of courses equivalent to the program requirements may form a basis for reducing credits in any individual Plan of Work. Possession of a master’s degree in an area of study determined to be related to urban planning by the Graduate Program Committee may allow an applicant to elect a program of thirty-two credits, inclusive of capstone requirements.

Academic Scholarship: All course work must be completed in accordance with the regulations of the Graduate School and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

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