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St. Joseph Mercy Oakland
Medical Office Building
44555 Woodward Avenue, Suite 306
Pontiac, MI 48341

This department offers medical students a program in anesthesiology comprised of individual instruction in the operating room and a series of regularly scheduled seminars. The major objectives of study in this field include the acquisition of skills and knowledge related to: airway management, including endotracheal intubation; lumbar puncture and spinal anesthesia; monitoring of anesthetized patients; pharmacology of anesthetic agents and other drugs related to anesthesia; preoperative evaluation and preparation of a patient for anesthesia and surgery; physiology of the perioperative period; respiratory therapy including management of patients who require prolonged ventilator care; management of acute drug intoxication; and the management of  pain. A one-month elective in anesthesiology  is offered to medical students during their junior or senior year.

AHMED, ZULFIQAR: M.D., Sindh Medical College; Clinical Assistant Professor

ALEXANDER, GAYLORD D.: M.D., B.S., Wayne State University; Associate Professor

COOPER, LISA: M.D., University of Michigan; B.A., Dartmouth College; Clinical Assistant Professor

DENCHEV, KRASSMIR: M.D., Medical University, Sofia; Clinical Assistant Professor

ELLIS, II, TERRY A.: M.D., University of Nevada; Associate Professor

HENDERSON, JENNIFER: D.O., Des Moines University; B.S., University of Minnesota; Clinical Assistant Professor

KAMINSKI, EDWARD: M.D., M.S., B.S., Wayne State University; Clinical Assistant Professor

MARSH, H. MICHAEL: B.Sc. (Med.), M.B., B.S., University of Sydney; Professor

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