Office: 4201 St. Antoine, UHC-7C Detroit, Michigan 48201; 313-577-5222
Chairperson: Michael L. Cher

M.D. program instruction in the field of urology begins in the M.D. Year I with the physical diagnosis course. Students receive lecture and laboratory instruction on the male genitourinary physical examination. Instruction continues in Year III with a series of lectures. Students receive these lectures as part of their general surgery curriculum. These lectures incorporate the fundamental concepts of the disease processes which affect the genito-urinary system. The lectures attempt to integrate the physiologic and anatomic mechanisms of urological disorders, their clinical presentations, and contemporary treatment strategies and outcomes. Clinical electives in urology are offered to students in their third/junior and fourth/senior years of medical school training. The electives are arranged in four week blocks. Rotations on the urology service can be tailored to the individual student. Students may also spend time in the various office clinics within the Department of Urology to broaden their experience.

ADELEYE, ANTHONY: M.D., Michigan State University; M.P.H., University of Michigan; B.S., Howard University; Clinical Instructor

AHMED, MUZAMMIL: M.D., B.A., University of Michigan; Clinical Assistant Professor

ATIEMO, HUMPHREY: M.D., University of Maryland; Clinical Associate Professor

BARBER, THEODORE: M.D., Wayne State University; B.S., University of Michigan; Clinical Assistant Professor

BAZZI, WASSIM: M.D., Wayne State University; Clinical Instructor

BONFIL, DANIEL R: Ph.D., M.S., B.S., University of Buenos Aires; Associate Professor (Research)

BURKS, DAVID: M.D., University of Michigan; B.A., Cornell University; Clinical Associate Professor

CHER, MICHAEL L.: M.D., Washington University; B.S., Stanford University; Professor and Chair

CHINNI, SREENIVASA R.: Ph.D., University of Louisville; M.S., M.Phil., B.S., Sri Venkateswara University; Associate Professor (Research)

DHAR, NIVEDITA: M.D., St. Louis University; B.A., Wesleyan University; Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator)

DILORETO, ROBERT: M.D., Wayne State University; B.A., Albion College; Clinical Assistant Professor

FARAH, RIAD: M.D., B.S., Damascus University; Clinical Associate Professor

HOLLANDER, JAY: M.D., University of Michigan; Clinical Professor

HOLLOWELL, MELVIN L.: M.D., Meharry Medical College; B.S., Wayne State University; Clinical Associate Professor

KANSARA, VELJI: M.D., University of Baroda; Clinical Assistant Professor

KAZA, RAMARAO: M.B.B.S., Kumool Medical College; B.S., University of Jabapur; Clinical Assistant Professor

LIGHTBOURNE, GEORGE: M.D., Meharry Medical College; M.A.,B.A., Fisk University; Clinical Associate Professor

LIROFF, STEPHEN A.: M.D., Georgetown University; B.A., New York University; Clinical Assistant Professor

LITTLETON, RAY: M.D., B.S., University of Michigan; Clinical Assistant Professor

MELDRUM, KIRSTAN: M.D., University of Colorado; B.A., Smith College; Clinical Professor

MENON, MANI: M.D., Jipmer-Madras University; Clinical Professor

POWELL, ISAAC J.: M.D., Indiana University; M.S., Howard University; B.S., University of Michigan; Professor (Clinician-Educator)

ROGERS, CRAIG: M.D., Stanford Medical School; B.S., Brigham Young University; Clinical Associate Professor

SARLE, RICHARD: M.D., University of Vermont; M.S., B.S., Tufts University; Clinical Assistant Professor

SCHERVISH, EDWARD W.: M.D., Loyola University; Clinical Assistant Professor

STRICKER, HANS: M.D., University of Michigan; B.A., Capital University; Clinical Associate Professor

TELANG, DINESH: M.D., B.S., University of Michigan; Clinical Assistant Professor