Academic Catalog

Orthopaedic Surgery

Office: Oakwood Heritage Hospital, 10000 Telegraph Rd., Taylor, MI 48180; 313-375-7218

The M.D. program in orthopaedic instruction is integrated and designed to introduce the medical student to the entire field of musculoskeletal diseases and injuries. By means of demonstrations, lectures, conferences, clinics and clerkships, the student learns the important specifics of the orthopaedic examination and is exposed to many groups of musculoskeletal problems related to trauma in adults and children. By study of the factual content of common problems in each field, the student’s attention is directed to general principles of diagnosis and treatment.

KRUGEL, RICHARD: M.D., B.S., University of Michigan; Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator)

NASSER, SAM: M.D., Wayne State University; B.S., Michigan State University; Clinical Professor

ZINBERG, EPHRAIM: B.A., Touro University,M.D., State University of New York Downstate; Clinical Professor

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