Internal Medicine

University Health Center
4201 St. Antoine, 2E
Detroit, MI 48201
Phone: 313-993-7835

Chairperson: M. Safwan Badr

The major objective of the educational program in internal medicine is to establish a firm conceptual basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment of disease. The exposure to clinical disciplines is graduated throughout each M.D. four year curriculum. During the early years in the M.D. program emphasis is placed on the application of knowledge gained in the basic science courses to an understanding of the biological disorders which accompany human disease. In M.D. Year I, students work with the Department of Internal Medicine through participation in several clinical conferences. During M.D. Year II, the student’s attention is directed toward the study of pathophysiologic mechanisms of disease, the principles of clinical diagnosis and the scientific basis of therapeutics. An internal medicine forum is available for students interested in internal medicine as a career. In M.D. Year III and IV emphasis is placed on the student’s direct participation in patient care as a member of the health-care team. In Year III the student gains clinical experience through assignment to Wayne State University teaching hospitals; this insures acquaintance with several members of the faculty and to a wide spectrum of medical problems. During Year IV, the student spends a month as an acting intern and a month in an outpatient clinic to gain experience with ambulatory medicine. Elective courses in subspecialities are offered. Students may also choose to pursue laboratory investigative programs under the tutelage of members of the faculty. In addition to formal course work, the student may elect more intensive study as a student-fellow in either clinical or laboratory medicine during the summer recesses. With the expansion of the Internal Medicine faculty, a number of research experiences supported by a variety of national funding agencies are available.