Academic Catalog

Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences

Office: K-220 Kresge Eye Institute; 313-577-1355
Chairperson: Mark S. Juzych, M.D., M.H.S.A.

The department is committed to education, research, and patient care. These activities are conducted primarily in the central campus of the Detroit Medical Center, in the Kresge Eye Institute, under the direction of the department chairperson. The close association of medical practice, research and teaching makes the Kresge Eye Institute an ideal teaching facility. Whether correcting common eye disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma and strabismus, or performing highly technical operations such as vitrectomy, corneal transplants or lens implantations, the medical staff uses the most advanced diagnostic treatment, and surgical methods. The Institute is ideally suited for clinical instruction because it attracts a large number of patients with rare eye diseases, engages in advanced diagnostic techniques, performs a wide range of delicate eye operations and is a center for eye research. Through its affiliation with the University and the Detroit Medical Center, the Institute provides a stimulating learning environment for graduate physicians and medical students.

Each year the Institute selects seven outstanding medical graduates for a three-year residency training program in eye diseases and surgery. The residency program is structured to provide appropriate didactic and clinical teaching and resident support services to exceed all ACGME requirements for resident education. Clinical and research fellowships in vitreoretinal diseases and surgery, glaucoma and ocular trauma are available on a selective basis upon completion of the residency program. The Institute's faculty also provides lectures and clinical training for third and fourth year medical students. The teaching encompasses courses in ophthalmology for residents in family practice and emergency medicine through an elective rotation.

ABRAMS, GARY: M.D., University of Oklahoma; Professor

HUGHES, BRET A.: M.D., Tulane University; B.A., San Jose State University; Professor (Clinician-Educator)

JUZYCH, MARK: M.D., Wayne State University; Professor and Chair

KUMAR, ASHOK: Ph.D., Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research; Assistant Professor

MUENK, DONALD: M.D., B.S., Wayne State University; Clinical Assistant Professor

MURPHY, PATRICK: M.D., New Jersey College of Medicine; B.A., College of Holy Cross; Associate Professor (Clinician-Educator)

SOSNE, GABRIEL: M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine; B.A., Yeshiva College; Assistant Professor

TOMSAK, ROBERT: M.D., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve; Professor (Clinician-Educator)

XU, SHUNBIN: M.D., Peking Union Medical College; Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University; Associate Professor

YU, FU-SHIN: Ph.D., Wayne State University; B.S., Wuhan University; Professor

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