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Office: 400 Mack Ave., Ste. 1 East, Detroit, MI 48201; 313-448-9600
Chairperson: Herman Gray, M.D., M.B.A.

Formal teaching by the Department of Pediatrics takes place in the patient units and clinics at Children’s Hospital of Michigan during the third year of the medical school program. The aim of the student clerkship is to acquaint the student with the course of normal development, the common variations from normal patterns, and the reaction of the immature to illness. An effort is made to incorporate all aspects of childhood in the allotted time of study in order to have full participation by members of the surgical, orthopedic, and psychiatric staff. An inpatient and outpatient experience is offered that affords the student an opportunity to be exposed to a broad array of pediatric illness. The Department of Pediatrics maintains contact with the student before the clerkship through contribution to the curriculum of basic science courses. The Department also provides an optional program of study during the fourth year.

The Fourth Year Elective Program offers the senior student an opportunity to gain experience in general pediatrics at a greater level of responsibility in patient care. The student assumes an increasing role as a primary caretaker under the supervision of the resident staff in advanced years of pediatric training. Experience in the pediatric sub-specialties is also available to senior students. Thus, they are able to improve the level of their clinical skills and to obtain familiarity with the application of clinical and laboratory research techniques to the investigation of pathophysiology in a wide variety of children. Further information regarding programs may be obtained by writing to the office of the Chairperson of the Department.

ASANO, EISHI: M.D., Ph.D., Tohuku University School of Medicine; Professor

BEHEN, MICHAEL E.: Ph.D., Wayne State University; Assistant Professor (Research)

COCKERN, SALOME: Ph.D., Howard University; Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator)

DELANEY-BLACK, VIRGINIA: M.D., Dartmouth Medical School; M.P.H., Harvard University; Professor

DOMBKOWSKI, ALAN: Ph.D., University of Michigan; Associate Professor

FRIBLEY, ANDREW: Ph.D., University of Michigan; Assistant Professor

GRAY, HERMAN: M.D., Wayne State University; B.S., University of Michigan; Clinical Associate Professor

JAMIL, SAMIR: M.D., Mosul University; Clinical Assistant Professor

JEONG, JEONG-WON: Ph.D., University of Southern California at Los Angeles; Assistant Professor

JUHASZ, CSABA: M.D., University Medical School Pecs; Ph.D., Semmelweis Medical University; Professor

KHAN, ADEEBA: M.D., Sri Venkat Sai Medical College; Clinical Instructor

MARSHALL, SHARON: M.D., University of Missouri, Columbia; B.A., University of Missouri, St. Louis; Associate Professor (Clinician-Educator)

MATTOO, TEJ: M.D., University of Kashmir; Professor (Clinician-Educator)

MCGRATH, ERIC: M.D., Wayne State University; Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator)

MEADE, JILL: Ph.D., Wayne State University; Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator)

MUZIK, OTTO: Ph.D., M.S., Technical University of Vienna, Austria; Professor

OSTREA, ENRIQUE: M.D., B.S., A.A., University of the Philippines; Professor

PARKER, GRAHAM: Ph.D., B.Sc., University of St. Andrews; Assistant Professor (Research)

SECORD, ELIZABETH: M.D., State University of New York HSC Medical School; B.A., Arizona State University; Professor (Clinician-Educator)

SMITHERMAN, LYNN C.: M.D., University of Cincinnati; B.S., McGill University; Assistant Professor (Clinician-Educator)

STANKOVIC, CURT: M.D., Universidad Iberoamericana; Clinical Assistant Professor

TAUB, JEFFREY W.: M.D., University of Western Ontario; Professor

VENKATARAMAN, PREETI: M.D., Northeastern Ohio University College of Medicine; B.S., Youngstown State University; Clinical Assistant Professor

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