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Medical Humanities Minor

A candidate pursuing a Medical Humanities Minor must complete a minimum of eighteen (18) total credits. 

Note:  No more than two courses for the Medical Humanities Minor may be double-counted toward a Major in Philosophy, English, or a CMLLC program.

Required Core Courses6
Ethical Issues in Health Care
Global Health
American Medicine in the Twentieth Century
Humanistic Approaches to Science and Medicine Courses6
Arabic for Healthcare Professions
Spanish for the Health Care Profession
Word Origins: English Words from Greek and Latin
Environmental Writing: Writing about Texts
Technical Communication I: Reports
Technical Communication II: Presentations
Grant Writing
Professional Editing
Writing in the Workplace
Life and Death
Philosophy of the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment
Ancient Greek Medicine and Psychology
Introduction to Philosophy of Science
Minds and Machines
Medical Polish I
Medical Polish II
Justice and Rights in Health Care
Ethics and Cultural Diversity Course3
Black Social and Political Thought
Introduction to African-American Literature: Writing about Texts
Race and Racism in America
Survey of African-American Literature
Topics in Women's Studies
Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies
Topics in African American Literature
Topics in Global Literatures
Intercultural Competence for a Global World
Humanities Perspectives on Gender, Sexuality, and Women
Contemporary Moral Issues
Race, Sex, and Religion
Introduction to Ethics
Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy of Human Rights
Philosophy of Sex and Gender
Philosophy of Science
Elective course (maximum 3 credits)3
Any course listed above
Any course in PHI at the 2000 level or above
Any course in ENG at the 3000 level or above
Any course in CMLLC at the 2020 level or above
Introduction to Medical Anthropology
Biology and Culture
Forensic Anthropology
The Scientific Revolution
Nutrition and Health
Introduction to Public Health
Sociology of Health and Medicine
Seminar in Medical Sociology
Total Credits18
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