Academic Catalog

Pre-Law Minor

This option is primarily intended for students intending on going to Law School, or for students especially interested in issues related to philosophy of law. A candidate pursuing this minor must complete a minimum of five courses selected from the philosophy course listings, including:

1. One course in critical thinking or symbolic logic:
Critical Thinking
Games, Risk, and Logic
Introductory Symbolic Logic
Honors Introductory Symbolic Logic
Advanced Symbolic Logic
2. Two of the following courses:
Introduction to Ethics
Introduction to Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Human Rights
Foundations of Law
Social and Political Philosophy
Philosophy of Law
Ethics, Law, and Health
3. One of the following courses:
Contemporary Moral Issues
Ethical Issues in Health Care
Professional Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Race, Sex, and Religion
Feminist Philosophy
Philosophy of Race and Racism
Philosophy of Sex and Gender
4. At least one course at the 5000-level *
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