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Religious Studies Minor

Religious Studies aims at an academic investigation of the world's religions, of religious history, and of the place of religion in world cultures and societies from the ancient to the present. It draws on faculty resources from a wide range of traditional academic disciplines: anthropology, history, philosophy, classics, Near Eastern studies, Asian studies, literature, art history, political science, and sociology. Religious Studies respects the beliefs and backgrounds of the students who pursue courses in this area, but it also approaches its objects of study in a thoroughly scholarly manner, maintaining both intellectual openness and critical rigor.


The Minor in Religious Studies is designed to give undergraduates majoring in other disciplines familiarity both with religious traditions themselves and with the wide range of academic approaches to the study of religion in fields such as Anthropology, History, Philosophy, and Sociology.

The minor requires a minimum of eighteen credits with the following required courses and electives. 

Required Courses
PHI/NE 1900Comparative Religion3
or ANT 3560 World's Religions
PHI 2400Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion3
SOC 2209Sociology of Religion3
Three additional courses with substantial content concerning religious traditions to be approved by the Director of Religious Studies. Such courses include but are not necessarily limited to these.
ANT 5370Magic, Religion and Science3
CLA 3530The World of Early Christianity3
CLA 3590Byzantine Civilization3
NE 2000Introduction to Islamic Civilization of the Near East3
NE 2010The Bible and Ancient Mythology3
ITA 3500Dante in Translation: The Divine Comedy3
NE 5300Quran: History and Interpretation3
PCS 2010/PS 2830Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies (When taught as "Conflict and Religion")1-4
PHI 2150Chinese Philosophy3
PHI 2170Islamic and Near Eastern Philosophy3
PHI 5800Special Topics in Philosophy2-4
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