BBE - Bilingual/Bicultural Education

BBE 5000 Multicultural Education in Urban America Cr. 2

Cultural, social, political and economic realities of our complex, pluralistic society in relation to our education system. Development of analytical and evaluative abilities of teachers to deal with racism, sexism, value clarification and the parity of power. Strategies for multicultural education. Offered Every Term.

BBE 5500 Introduction to Bilingual/Bicultural Education Cr. 3

Survey of the history and legislative background of bilingual/bicultural education in the United States. Emphasis on the foundations, methods, concepts and theories of bilingual/bicultural education. Offered Irregularly.

BBE 6560 Teaching Methods in Bilingual/Bicultural Education Cr. 3

Utilization of traditional and innovative materials, techniques and methods in teaching elementary and secondary school subjects in a bilingual education program. Offered Irregularly.

BBE 6590 Culture and Language in Bilingual/Bicultural Education Cr. 1-3

Research and application of multicultural activities for designing processes to bring language and culture, and instruction in English, into the classroom. Offered Yearly.

Repeatable for 3 Credits

BBE 6600 Internship in Bilingual/Bicultural Teaching Cr. 2-12

Internship in a bilingual, multicultural setting; assessment of the cultural, educational, and linguistic needs of students of limited English-speaking ability. Offered Irregularly.

Repeatable for 12 Credits

BBE 6700 Seminar in Cultural Awareness Cr. 3

Understanding intergroup relations and the appreciation of cultural diversity in a multicultural society such as the United States. Selected topics offered on a semester or yearly basis. Offered Irregularly.

BBE 6850 Applied Linguistics: Issues in Bilingual Education Cr. 3

Current major models of applied English linguistics, contrasting linguistics with special reference to the comparison of English and linguistic minority languages. Offered Yearly.

BBE 9010 Theoretical Implications of Bilingual/Bicultural Education Cr. 3

Theoretical foundations for the development of bilingual/bicultural and multicultural education programs in our schools. Offered Irregularly.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

BBE 9030 Advanced Seminar in Bilingual/Bicultural Education Cr. 2-4

Advanced seminar for doctoral students in the bilingual, multicultural education program. Topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes . Offered Irregularly.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

Repeatable for 12 Credits