Academic Catalog

FYS - First Year Seminar

FYS 1010 Learning with the Brain in Mind Cr. 1

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Wayne Experience

This is an interactive, collaborative course designed to provide students with the tools needed to simplify for success. The curriculum is holistic in nature as it addresses not only evidence-based learning strategies, but also academic performance enhancing topics such as time-management, stress-management, diversity, wellness, and successfully transitioning from high school to Wayne State University. Offered Fall, Winter.

Restriction(s): Enrollment limited to students with a class of Freshman.

FYS 1020 Preparing for Academic Success and Career Exploration Cr. 2

Through a process of introspection and interactive experiences, this course will improve your writing; enhance your decision making and critical thinking skills and expose you to university resources and to multiple career paths in throughout the university. Offered Fall, Winter.

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