FPC - Fine Arts: Interdisciplinary

FPC 1010 Math for the Arts Cr. 3

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Quantitative Experience Comp

An introduction to quantitative reasoning, with the aim of developing the capacity to comprehend and analyze the quantitative information that is prevalent in daily life, with a particular focus on the arts. Topics include problem solving with shape and form and mathematical modeling of consumer finance. Offered Every Term.

FPC 1100 Computing in the Arts Cr. 2

Practical experience in web design, digital imaging and digital audio manipulation and discussion of relationship between digital arts and culture. Offered Irregularly.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Undergraduate level students.

Course Material Fees: $10

FPC 5010 Special Topics Cr. 1-3

Offered Yearly.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

FPC 5025 Entrepreneurship in the Arts Cr. 3

Explores the possibilities of entrepreneurship as a career/life option. Students will identify the intersection of the arts, arts culture, entrepreneurship and the individual to provide a practical and meaningful guide to creating a professional career in the arts. Offered Winter.

FPC 5500 Topics in Art in Community Cr. 3

Role and function of art and the artist in community, accompanied by a required community-based learning project. Topics and nature and location of community projects vary from term to term. Offered Irregularly.

Restriction(s): Enrollment limited to students in the Fine, Performing & Comm. Arts.

Course Material Fees: $25

FPC 5660 Creativity Cr. 3

Theoretical and experiential exploration in creativity and its relation to individuals, organizations, and the entrepreneurial process. Offered Fall.

FPC 5990 CFPCA Service-Learning Cr. 0

Corequisite course used to designate the service-learning component of specified CFPCA courses. Maximum of three registrations allowed. Offered Irregularly.