Academic Catalog

FPC - Fine Arts: Interdisciplinary

FPC 1010 Math for the Arts Cr. 3

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Quantitative Experience Comp

An introduction to quantitative reasoning, with the aim of developing the capacity to comprehend and analyze the quantitative information that is prevalent in daily life, with a particular focus on the arts. Topics include problem solving with shape and form and mathematical modeling of consumer finance. Offered Every Term.

FPC 1020 Building a Foundation for College Success Cr. 1

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Wayne Experience

This course is designed to expose students to the Wayne State University undergraduate experience. Students will gain an understanding of campus resources, institutional values, and the merits of a liberal arts education from an urban research one university. This course will aid in the development of critical and analytical thinking skills necessary for college success while determining one's academic and professional goals. Offered Fall, Winter.

Restriction(s): Enrollment limited to students with a class of Freshman.

Equivalent: BE 1060, RSE 1010

FPC 1100 Computing in the Arts Cr. 2

Practical experience in web design, digital imaging and digital audio manipulation and discussion of relationship between digital arts and culture. Offered Intermittently.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Undergraduate level students.

Course Material Fees: $10

FPC 5025 Entrepreneurship in the Arts Cr. 3

Explores the possibilities of entrepreneurship as a career/life option. Students will identify the intersection of the arts, arts culture, entrepreneurship and the individual to provide a practical and meaningful guide to creating a professional career in the arts. Offered Winter.

FPC 5660 Creativity Cr. 3

Theoretical and experiential exploration in creativity and its relation to individuals, organizations, and the entrepreneurial process. Offered Fall.

FPC 5990 CFPCA Service-Learning Cr. 0

Corequisite course used to designate the service-learning component of specified CFPCA courses. Maximum of three registrations allowed. Offered Intermittently.

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