SLA - Slavic

SLA 2310 Short Fiction from Central Europe and Russia Cr. 3

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Cultural Inquiry, Philosophy Letters

Explores how writers use short fictional forms, such as parable, short story, fairy tale, and satire, to express important themes in the Central European experience, including violence and cruelty, freedom and imprisonment, utopian visions, and urban life. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: GER 2310

SLA 3410 New Soil, Old Roots: The Immigrant Experience Cr. 3

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Civ and Societies (CLAS only), Diversity Equity Incl Inquiry, Foreign Culture, Global Learning Inquiry

Armenian, German, Jewish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian immigration to the United States, its effects on the cultures (language, literature, religion, politics, music, art and theatre) of these ethnic groups and its influence upon American culture. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: ARM 3410, GER 3410, POL 3410, RUS 3410

SLA 3700 The Changing Face of Europe Cr. 1-2

Special topics relating to Central, Eastern and Western Europe. Offered Irregularly.

Equivalent: GER 3700, POL 3700, RUS 3700

SLA 3710 Russian and East European Film Cr. 3-4

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Cultural Inquiry, Civ and Societies (CLAS only), Visual Performing Arts

Major Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian and Armenian films viewed and discussed from political, historical, cultural and aesthetic points of view. Offered Yearly.

SLA 3750 Polish and Yugoslavian Cinema Cr. 3

Satisfies General Education Requirement: Cultural Inquiry, Visual Performing Arts

Two national cinemas introduced through milestone films and lesser-known cinematic gems produced before and after the fall of communism. Offered Winter.

Equivalent: POL 3750

SLA 3800 Topics in Slavic Studies Cr. 3

Special topics relating to Slavic languages, literatures and cultures, such as drama, the Gulag, and contemporary culture. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: POL 3800, RUS 3810

Repeatable for 9 Credits

SLA 7010 Introduction to Literary Theory Cr. 3

Graduate-level introduction to key critical perspectives, theories, problems, and questions that have informed the discussions and analyses of twentieth- and twenty-first-century literary and cultural scholars. Specific theoretical paradigms used to determine the task of textual interpretation, locate the limits of each approach, trace the emergence of subsequent theoretical paradigms, and think about how such theories might or might not be relevant in the study of specific texts. Offered Biannually.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.

Equivalent: CLA 7010, FRE 7010, GER 7010, ITA 7010, NE 7010, SPA 7010

SLA 7400 Cultural Studies and Criticism Cr. 3-4

Important concepts and major figures in Slavic contributions to literary and cultural studies. Readings and class in English. Open to students from diverse disciplines. Offered Irregularly.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Graduate level students.