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ADN - Art: Design

ADN 2410 Textiles Cr. 3

Introduction to fibers, yarns, fabric construction, design and finishes and how they relate to selection, use and care of textile products. Offered Fall, Winter.

Course Material Fees: $35

ADN 3100 Design Process Cr. 3

Intended for the student who is entering the design field and requires an understanding of brand identity development, design thinking, and product line development. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

ADN 5000 History of Interior Design and Architecture Cr. 3

History of architectural styles and the use of interior space with an emphasis on their application to contemporary interior design. Offered Yearly.

ADN 5430 History of Costume Cr. 3

Survey of historic costumes from prehistoric to present. Emphasis on influence of social factors. Offered Fall.

ADN 5500 Independent Study: Design Cr. 1-2

Independent Study: Design provides an opportunity for students to work independently on a project that is otherwise not addressed within the curriculum of their chosen field of study. Under the supervision of a faculty member, students will clarify the intent of their project and set goals for the semester. Process documentation will be required periodically throughout the semester, and projects will culminate in a portfolio document. Graduate students enrolled in this course are required to complete a thematically relevant research paper in addition to the project documentation and portfolio requirements. Coursework requirements are tailored to align with a student’s individual project ideas. Offered Intermittently.

Repeatable for 4 Credits

ADN 6320 History of Modern Design I Cr. 3

Major design trends in America and Europe from mid-nineteenth century to World War I. Covers a broad spectrum of the applied arts. Offered Fall.

ADN 6330 History of Modern Design II Cr. 3

Major design trends in America and Europe from end of World War I through 1950s. Covers a broad spectrum of the applied arts. Offered Winter.

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