Academic Catalog

MLC - Med-Direct Community Learning

MLC 0100 Wayne Med Direct Pre-Freshman Summer Enrichment Program Cr. 0

Offered to Wayne Med-Direct scholars in the summer semester prior to freshman year, the course is designed as an orientation to campus life and the Med-Direct program. Successful completion of this course is mandatory for all Wayne Med-Direct scholars. Offered Spring/Summer.

MLC 1100 Wayne Med Direct Summer Research Program Cr. 3

Designed to provide a basic science research experience. Successful completion of this course is mandatory for all scholars as a part of the Wayne Med-Direct program. Offered Spring/Summer.

Prerequisite: UGR 1050 with a minimum grade of D-

MLC 3100 Wayne Med-Direct Study Abroad Cr. 3

Offered in the summer semester of junior year to Wayne Med-Direct scholars and designed to provide the students with an opportunity to explore the fields of medicine and public health in China in addition to having them experience Chinese culture. Examines important aspects of Chinese culture – history, philosophy, language, literature, martial arts, and calligraphy – as well as the traditional Chinese Medicine practices and modern Chinese medicine and public health practices. Offered Spring/Summer.

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