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Psychology and Infant Mental Health (Ph.D. Dual-Title)

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program in either the clinical or developmental areas of psychology can apply to earn a Ph.D. in Psychology with a dual-title in Infant Mental Health. This dual-title degree is designed to prepare psychologists to conduct research, advocate for, and intervene to improve early behavioral, cognitive, social, and emotional development in contexts in which parents or children may suffer from developmental disabilities, health problems, or mental health problems. Students enrolled in this dual-title program take courses in infant development and assessment and develop specific skills related to infant mental health assessment and treatment. Students in clinical psychology also conduct a clinical practicum in infant mental health. The dual-title coursework follows competencies outlined by the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health that are required for endorsement as an infant mental health specialist or an infant mental health mentor.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the admissions standards of the Graduate School and the Department of Psychology and be offered admission to the psychology doctoral program in either the clinical or developmental areas of psychology. Students may indicate on their application to the psychology program their desire to earn an infant mental health dual-title, or they can request this after an offer of admission has been made. Students already enrolled in the Ph.D. program in psychology during their first three years may also contact the infant mental health program director, Ann Stacks to enroll in the program.


Program Requirements

Students are required to take 12 credits of infant mental health coursework, 9 of which can also count as their cognate. All students must complete and earn at least a grade of B in their courses.

PSY 7425Psychology of Infant Behavior and Development3
Students select 2 of the 3 Social Work Courses4-5
Infant Mental Health: Theory to Practice across Early Childhood Settings
Infant/Family Mental Health Assessment
Infant Mental Health Practice
Choose 4-5 credits from the list below4-5
Developmental Assessment of Infants and Toddlers
Developmental Neuropsychology
Directed Study ( topic related to IMH)
Seminar in Clinical Psychology (Pediatric Neuropsychology)
Infant Mental Health Seminar I
Infant Mental Health Seminar II
Total credits must equal 12

In addition, it is recommended that dual-title students who are in the clinical psychology doctoral training program complete at least one semester of a supervised field placement / external practicum at an infant mental health agency. Students in both the clinical and developmental doctoral training programs will have their knowledge of infant mental health assessed during their doctoral qualifying examination. In addition, dual-title students must write a dissertation on a topic related to infant mental health, with a member of the infant mental health faculty serving on their doctoral committee.

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