AFI - Art: Fibers

AFI 2650 Beginning Weaving Cr. 3

Weaving techniques on a frame loom. Design concepts through application of tapestry, flossa, sumac, inlay and wrapping process. Exploring fabric weaving by using simple weave patterns. Offered Every Term.

AFI 2660 Introduction to Fabric Printing and Dyeing Cr. 3

Emphasis on color, design, composition. Printing with found objects, stencil, silk screen resist method working with pigment and reactive dye. Offered Every Term.

AFI 3640 Digital Textile Design Cr. 3

Explore textile design by researching current print and pattern trends in the apparel industry, gaining knowledge and inspiration. Develop innovative pattern collections using original artwork in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Access to the most recent version of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator is required for this class. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: ACO 1200 with a minimum grade of D- and ADR 1050 with a minimum grade of D-

AFI 3650 Intermediate Weaving and Fiber Arts Cr. 3

Design on four- and eight-harness looms, off loom construction techniques, and pattern development. Traditional and computerized pattern drafting/development, layer weaving, woven shibori, ikat, crochet, sprang, felting, and other fiber art techniques will be offered on a rotating basis. Offered Every Term.

AFI 3660 Intermediate Fibers: Printing and Dyeing Cr. 3

Continuation of AFI 2660. Deeper study of fiber reactive dye; beginning of development of personal style. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

AFI 5650 Weaving: Senior Project Cr. 3

Directed project in weaving. Research and written evaluative statement required. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: AFI 3650

Equivalent: AFI 3650, AFI 7650

Repeatable for 6 Credits

AFI 5660 Fabric Printing and Dyeing: Senior Project Cr. 3

Extensive project or series of works determined by student; research and written statement. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: AFI 3660

Repeatable for 6 Credits

AFI 5870 Directed Projects: Fibers Cr. 3-6

Individual problems. Offered Fall, Winter.

Repeatable for 998.99 Credits

AFI 7650 Graduate Problems in Weaving Cr. 3

Advanced problems in weaving. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: AFI 5650

Course Material Fees: $40

Repeatable for 9 Credits

AFI 7660 Graduate Problems: Fabric Printing and Dyeing Cr. 3

Individual problems in fibers. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: AFI 5660

Course Material Fees: $40

Repeatable for 9 Credits

AFI 8860 MFA Studio: Fibers Cr. 3-9

Supervised creative work done in the major concentration. Offered Fall, Winter.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to students with a major in Art, enrollment is limited to Graduate level students, enrollment limited to students in a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Course Material Fees: $40

Repeatable for 36 Credits