AN - Anesthesia

AN 7010 Advanced Health and Physical Assessment and Clinical Anesthesia Practicum I Cr. 1

Advanced systematic focus on health assessment, anatomical and physical limitations, and impact on anesthesia practice. Offered Fall.

AN 7020 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum II Cr. 2

Continuation of AN 7010. Offered Winter.

AN 7030 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum III Cr. 2

Continuation of AN 7020. Offered Spring/Summer.

Prerequisites: AN 7020

AN 7040 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum IV Cr. 3

Continuation of AN 7030. Offered Fall.

Prerequisites: AN 7030

AN 7050 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum V Cr. 3

Continuation of AN 7040. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: AN 7040

AN 7060 Clinical Anesthesia Practicum VI Cr. 2

Continuation of AN 7050. Offered Spring/Summer.

Prerequisites: AN 7050

AN 7070 Clinical Practice I Cr. 2

Outpatient anesthesia practice; focus on airway management. Offered Every Term.

AN 7080 Clinical Practice II Cr. 3

Managing complex pediatric cases involving craniofacial problems, craniotomies, spinal fusion, and abdominal cases. Offered Every Term.

AN 7090 Clinical Practice III Cr. 1

Clinical experience with complex cardiac diseases requiring thoracic and cardiopulmonary bypass. Offered Every Term.

AN 7100 Pharmacology I Cr. 4

Pharmacology as it relates to anesthesiology; pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. Offered Fall.

Course Material Fees: $15

AN 7110 Pharmacology II Cr. 3

Analysis of theories of pharmacology. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: AN 7100

Course Material Fees: $15

AN 7120 Advanced Pharmacology of Anesthesia Cr. 2

General qualitative and quantitative aspects of pharmacology. Interaction and kinetics of pharmacologic agents and their relationship to anesthetic practice. Offered Fall.

AN 7150 Principles of Anesthesia I Cr. 4

Principles and usage of all anesthesia equipment including electronic instrumentation. Theoretical exploration of various techniques of anesthesia. Offered Fall.

Course Material Fees: $15

AN 7160 Principles of Anesthesia II Cr. 3

Advanced knowledge in application and use of modern anesthesia monitoring technology. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: AN 7150

Course Material Fees: $15

AN 7170 Principles of Anesthesia III Cr. 2

Continuation of AN 7160. Offered Spring/Summer.

Prerequisites: AN 7150 and AN 7160

Course Material Fees: $10

AN 7180 Electrocardiography in Anesthesia Practice Cr. 1

Background for monitoring, diagnosing, and treating cardiac arrhythmias in the perioperative period. Working background in fundamentals of 12-lead ECG interpretation; its application in the perioperative period. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: AN 7150

AN 7190 Advanced Cardiovascular Patho-physiology and EKG Cr. 1

Advanced cardiovascular pathophysiology, assessing and diagnosing cardiac dysfunctions, and integration of appropriate clinical interventions in the anesthetic management plan of care. Offered Fall.

Prerequisites: AN 7180 with a minimum grade of C

AN 7240 Advanced Physiology and Pathophysiology Cr. 2

Advanced knowledge in physiology; in-depth analysis of disease processes; correlation of pathophysiology, pharmacology, and advanced principles of anesthesia care. Offered Spring/Summer.

Prerequisites: PSL 7030 with a minimum grade of C

Course Material Fees: $10

AN 7500 Chemistry and Physics of Anesthesia Cr. 2

Analysis and principles of chemistry and physics as applied to anesthesia. Offered Fall.

Course Material Fees: $20

AN 7590 Advanced Anatomy for Nurse Anesthetists Cr. 4

Structural and functional aspects of the human body; relationships to nurse anesthesia practice. Study of regions in which anesthesia may be induced. Offered Spring/Summer.

AN 7600 Regional Anesthesia Cr. 2

Review of the anatomy and physiology of the spinal cord and peripheral nerves and the pharmacology of local anesthetic agents. Techniques of pain management administration and management of spinal/epidural and peripheral regional anesthetics. Offered Spring/Summer.

Prerequisite: AN 7590, with a minimum grade of C

Course Material Fees: $20

AN 7620 Pulmonary Mechanics and Anesthesia Implications Cr. 2

Advanced evaluation of cardiopulmonary/respiratory complication. Clinical anesthesia care. Offered Fall.

Prerequisites: AN 7200

AN 7690 Advanced Clinical Anesthesia Practice Review I Cr. 1

Use of theoretical concepts and advanced clinical principles to develop the art and science of practice with emphasis on individualizing care, in addition to board preparation. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: AN 7170 with a minimum grade of C

Course Material Fees: $15

AN 7700 Advanced Clinical Anesthesia Practice and Review II Cr. 1

Use of theoretical concepts and advanced clinical principles in perfecting the art and science of anesthesia practice with emphasis on preparation for board examination. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: AN 7170 with a minimum grade of C

Course Material Fees: $10

AN 7730 Process of Teaching Cr. 2

Instruction in and clinical application of nurse anesthesia process. Offered Spring/Summer.

Course Material Fees: $20

AN 7780 Professional Dimensions of Anesthesia Practice Cr. 3

Analysis of role of professional anesthesia associations, anesthesia accreditation agencies, hospital and governmental regulatory agencies relating to nurse anesthesia practice. Offered Winter.

Course Material Fees: $15

AN 7800 Pain Management for Nurse Anesthetists Cr. 1

Regional techniques and pharmacological interventions to manage acute and chronic pain. Offered Spring/Summer.

Prerequisites: AN 7600 with a minimum grade of C

AN 7880 Anesthesia Seminar Cr. 1

Current developments in concepts and theories of nurse anesthesia. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 5 Credits

AN 7885 Research Design for Anesthesia Cr. 1

Research methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative statistical techniques. Emphasis on designing, implementing, and evaluating health care research. Offered Yearly.

AN 7890 Terminal Project Cr. 1

Finalization of research; preparation for poster submission, publication and presentation of research. Offered Every Term.

Course Material Fees: $20

AN 7900 Advanced Pediatric Topics Cr. 2

Detailed advanced lectures in specific pediatric topics. Offered Every Term.

AN 7910 Special Topics in Pediatric Anesthesia Cr. 2

Common pediatric problems; in-depth knowledge on neonatal anesthesia. Offered Every Term.

AN 7920 Case Presentations Cr. 2

Anatomy and physiology of various diseases including principles of anesthetic management. Offered Every Term.