EPS - Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

EPS 8180 Research Seminar Cr. 2-6

Students develop research proposals, evaluate each other's research designs, and conduct any necessary pilot studies. Offered Irregularly.

Repeatable for 8 Credits

EPS 8530 Seminar in the History of Education Cr. 4

The growth and development of American education K-16, including events, circumstances, and influential ideas. Emphasis on the relationship between social, political, and economic change and the evolution of education. Offered Irregularly.

EPS 8560 Administration in Higher Education Cr. 4

Examination of alternative theories of organizational and administrative behavior as these relate to colleges and universities. Consideration of the issues of academic governance and college bargaining as they impact on the role of the administrator. Special projects according to positions held and particular interests of students. Offered Irregularly.

EPS 8710 Readings in General Administration Cr. 4

Directed readings in the principles underlying administration in education, government, business and social agencies and other major areas. Offered Winter.

Equivalent: EDA 8710

EPS 8880 Workshop in Administrative and Organizational Studies Cr. 1-10

Practicum in the study of current problems affecting administrative and organizational studies. Offered Irregularly.

Repeatable for 10 Credits

EPS 9600 Seminar in Research and Theory of Administration Cr. 3

Research and theory relating to administration. Examination of textbooks, journals, and associations which promote educational administration research; review of the focus of inquiry and methodology for research in educational administration. Offered Irregularly.

EPS 9610 Seminar in Educational Policy Development Cr. 4

Role and nature of educational policies; observation, assessment, reporting, and discussion of policy-making bodies; review of policy research method; relationship of public values and public school policy. Offered Winter.

EPS 9620 Seminar in Educational Policy Initiatives Cr. 4

Recent policy initiatives in elementary and secondary education, with some attention to higher education. Techniques of policy analysis are utilized. Offered Fall.

Prerequisite: EPS 9610, with a minimum grade of C