EDA - Educational Administration

EDA 7600 The Structure of American Education Cr. 2

Major organizational, financial, administrative, legal and extra-legal problems affecting public education in the United States. Role of the educator in effecting change. Offered Every Term.

EDA 7625 Leadership, Administration and the Principalship Cr. 4

Provides a conceptual framework of the administrative process; examines interrelationships between the person, the job, the organizational setting, and the wider social context of education; examines the ways in which political, social and economic factors influence administrative decision making and leadership. Offered Every Term.

EDA 7635 Introduction to Charter School Leadership Cr. 4

Knowledge and skills necessary to education organizational leadership, specifically to develop charter school educational leaders who can create school cultures that are conducive to school learning. Offered Fall.

EDA 7640 The Elementary School Principalship Cr. 4

For experienced teachers and administrators entering the field of elementary school administration. Research findings and sources of information in the field. The principal's role in instructional leadership. A concurrent field experience is required with the lecture component of this course; specifications are provided in the course syllabus. Offered Winter, Spring/Summer.

EDA 7650 Secondary School Administration Cr. 4

Organization and administration of middle, junior and senior high schools. Analysis of administrative problems relating to curriculum improvement, staff personnel, guidance, instruction, school-community relations, and student activities. A concurrent field experience is required with the lecture component of this course; specifications are provided in the course syllabus. Offered Fall, Spring/Summer.

EDA 7660 Administrative Leadership in School-Community Relations and Public Relations Cr. 3

Relationships between the school and the community; special reference to social change, community needs and the total school program; demographic and public relations techniques for school improvement, program development in special area, and millage campaigns in the context of the structure, function, and organization of the total educational system in a multicultural and pluralistic society. Offered Every Term.

EDA 7670 Economic Issues in Education Cr. 4

Economic issues in education at the local, intermediate, state, and federal levels. Offered Winter, Spring/Summer.

EDA 7675 Public School Finance and Budgeting Cr. 4

Elementary and secondary public school finance and budgeting: legal foundations of school funding, how revenue is raised and distributed by states, the ways resources are allocated at the local district and school levels. Offered Fall, Winter.

EDA 7690 Introduction to Michigan School Law Cr. 4

Constitutional and legal factors affecting Michigan public education. Offered Every Term.

EDA 7800 Administration and Supervision of Special Education Cr. 4

Professional problems; standards and procedures; references to history, development, philosophy, legal provisions, rules and regulations; major developments and trends at federal, state and local levels; services of other organizations and agencies. Offered Fall.

EDA 7810 Michigan Special Education Law Cr. 4

Implications of statutes and regulations undergirding the education of the handicapped; educator's role in implementing, monitoring and influencing state and federal mandates for special education. Offered Winter.

Prerequisite: EDA 7800, with a minimum grade of C

EDA 7820 Emergent Policies in Special Education Administration Cr. 2

Discussion of research and literature relating to changing and emergent policies. Offered Every Term.

EDA 7830 Practicum in Special Education Administration and Supervision Cr. 3-6

Supervised field-based experiences or individualized and contracted plan of supervised field study for special education administrators, curriculum resource consultants, supervisors, administrative consultants, and project directors. Multi-level practicum sites arranged. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisite: EDA 7800, with a minimum grade of C ; EDA 7810, with a minimum grade of C

Repeatable for 6 Credits

EDA 8620 School Personnel Administration Cr. 4

Analysis of the personnel function in educational administration. Offered Fall, Spring/Summer.

EDA 8630 Supervision Cr. 4

Basic issues in motivation, job satisfaction, and goal attainment in educational and human service organizations. Establishing productive supervisor/staff relations. Monitoring employee performance. Offered Fall, Winter.

EDA 8650 Staff Development and School Improvement Cr. 2-6

A clinical experience in planning, design, and implementation of in-service and of staff development programs. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

EDA 8710 Readings in General Administration Cr. 4

Directed readings in the principles underlying administration in education, government, business and social agencies and other major areas. Offered Winter.

EDA 8990 Internship in Administration Cr. 1-8

Supervised experience in administration of public education, government, business, and social agencies. Internship in cooperating school system. Includes seminar. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 8 Credits

EDA 9790 Doctoral Seminar in Educational Administration Cr. 3

Seminar, lecture, discussion. Purposes of education as defined in federal and state constitutions, statutes and administrative rules; interpretation of policy statements of organizations and commissions. Role of the educational leader in our society. Offered Winter.