BMS - Basic Medical Science

BMS 6010 Responsible Conduct in Biomedical Research Cr. 1

Nature, motivation and ethics in biomedical science situations liable to fraud, misconduct, conflicts of interest, and plagiarism in research, in peer and editorial review, and in authorship. Methods of safe laboratory practice and ethical human and animal use as research subjects in science. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Spring/Summer.

BMS 6550 Medical Anatomy for Health Professionals Cr. 4

Basics of human anatomy for BMS and selected graduate students. Offered Spring/Summer.

BMS 7100 Introduction to the Business of Biotechnology Cr. 3

Translation of biomedical innovation from bench to bedside, with focus on interplay between healthcare needs, regulatory agencies, and commercialization pathways. Offered Winter.

Equivalent: IBS 7110

BMS 7115 Special Topics in Biotechnology Commercialization Cr. 1

Designed to provide practical experience in defining the relationships between academic discovery science and business development, with a focus on best practices for presenting basic research-commercial products to external, interested individuals. Offered Winter.

Prerequisite: BMS 7100, ; IBS 7110,

Equivalent: IBS 7115

BMS 7880 Special Topics/Projects Cr. 1-4

Up to four credits in research, laboratory, discussion, or field work, in any combination; for students in Basic Medical Sciences or Medical Research program. Offered Every Term.

BMS 7999 Essays in Basic Medical Science Cr. 3

Methodologies in library research and critical evaluation of current biomedical literature. Written summary and report on a specific topic in current biomedical literature. Offered Every Term.