ELR - Employment and Labor Relations

ELR 2500 Introduction to Labor Studies Cr. 4

Introduction to labor and employment relations: the essential nature, evolution and purpose of the twenty-first century workplace. Offered Every Term.

ELR 4500 Applied Labor Studies Cr. 3

Practical training in various labor relations specialties, such as collective bargaining or labor law. Consult coordinator on specific topic. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 12 Credits

ELR 4700 (WI) Senior Seminar Cr. 3

Research, reflection, discussion and analysis of labor relations practice. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisites: ELR 2500 with a minimum grade of D-

Repeatable for 6 Credits

ELR 4990 Directed Study Cr. 1-6

Supervised reading and research in labor studies. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

ELR 7000 Introduction to Labor and Employment Relations Cr. 3

Introduction to the broad and changing field of labor and employment relations. Topics from the nature of work and role of labor in society to current labor and employment laws. Offered Fall.

ELR 7010 Health Care, Retirement, and Employee Benefit Plans Cr. 3

Comprehensive understanding of employee benefits issues and practices. Offered Fall.

ELR 7400 Labor Relations Law in North America Cr. 3

Federal and provincial regulation of union organizing, collective bargaining and union contract administration in the private sector. Content, administration and judicial interpretation of labor relations legislation in the United States, Mexico, and the Canadian province of Ontario. Offered Yearly.

ELR 7420 Labor and American Politics Cr. 3

Role of organized labor in American politics. Historical background, including rise of the UAW and its role in Detroit and Michigan politics. Recent declines; future of organized labor as a force in American politics. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: PS 6070

ELR 7430 Public Sector Labor Relations Cr. 3

History, present functions, problems and current controversies surrounding public sector unions. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: PS 6340

ELR 7450 Employment Relations Law in North America Cr. 3

Federal and state legislation affecting employee-employer relations: discrimination, pension, occupational safety and health, fair labor standards. Implementation of these policies, effect on worker-manager relations: Canada, Mexico, United States. Required core course. Offered Spring/Summer.

ELR 7550 Selected Topics in Industrial Relations Cr. 3

Various topics to be offered on a limited basis to meet needs of students with special interests not covered by regular course offerings. Offered Irregularly.

ELR 7600 Internship in Employment and Labor Relations Cr. 1-3

Active involvement in employment and labor relations duties for an employer, union, government agency, or employment and labor relations professional; apprenticeship to a labor arbitrator; or other appropriate opportunity for industrial relations experience. At least eight hours per week; may be paid or unpaid. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 3 Credits

ELR 7700 Current and Future Trends in Collective Bargaining Cr. 3

Collective bargaining, current and future directions; emphasis on joint union-management approach to developing programs improving the quality of work life through workers' involvement in the decision-making process; examination of practical procedures to initiate and implement such programs. Offered Fall.

ELR 7990 Directed Study Cr. 1-4

Intensive study of significant industrial relations topic against background of more general course work. Preparation of term paper required. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 4 Credits

ELR 8500 Strategic Analysis of North American Labor and Human Resources Issues Cr. 3

Analysis on micro (game theory) and macro (planning) levels; integration of skills; student teams work as consultants for client organization on strategic labor or human resource problem. Offered Yearly.