KHS - Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies

KHS 5900 Research Methods in KHS Cr. 3-4

Research proposal preparation, including literature review, hypothesis construction, research design, and computer-aided data analysis. Application of skills to critical reading of primary sources. Offered Fall, Winter.

KHS 6410 Introduction to Sports Administration Cr. 3

Current categories of competitive sports and athletics identified and analyzed to determine potential administrative positions in their structures and the qualifications necessary for each position. Offered Fall, Winter.

KHS 6530 Professional Sports Administration Cr. 3

Introduction to the business strategies of a professional sports team, including an in depth look at breaking into the industry, the importance and value of community affairs, corporate sponsorship, business public relations and player relations. Offered Winter.

KHS 6531 Sports Event Management Cr. 3

Comprehensive study of the planning, maintenance, operations, financial considerations, customer engagement, and personnel management of sporting events and the facilities that host the events. Offered Spring/Summer.

KHS 6540 Workshop in Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies Cr. 1-3

Exploration of topics of current interest for the profession. Offered Spring/Summer.

Repeatable for 12 Credits

KHS 6550 Publicity, Promotion and Public Relations Cr. 2

Practical marketing methods and procedures used in promotion of athletics and related fields. Development of proposals, workshops, public relations policies. Offered Fall.

KHS 6560 Media Design and Communication Cr. 3

Examines the impact sports and the media have on each other and explores the use of technology in promoting, marketing, and managing health, PE, recreation, and sports programs. Offered Winter.

KHS 6570 Sports Marketing Cr. 3

Concepts and principles of marketing as applied to sports. Topics include: structure of sports industry, sports markets and products, market research, and sports sponsorships. Offered Fall.

KHS 6640 Legal Issues in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Cr. 3

Identification and analysis of legal issues in the health, physical education, and recreation profession. Review of relevant litigation patterns. Offered Yearly.

KHS 6660 Risk Management in Physical Education and Sports Cr. 3

Fundamentals of safety and liability and the risks involved in managing activity-related programs. Development of knowledge and skills to recognize potential litigation in management, supervision and administration. Offered Fall.

KHS 6661 Equity and Access in Sport Cr. 3

Historical and contemporary sport and physical activity experience in context of race, socioeconomic class, gender, age, disability, and culture. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Fall.

KHS 6750 Fieldwork in KHS Cr. 1-4

Professional experience in public or private institutions relevant to student's specialization. Supervision by professional supervisor and university faculty. Can be taken at any time during student's program. Offered Fall, Winter.

Repeatable for 8 Credits

KHS 7300 Interscholastic Athletic Directing Cr. 3

Michigan and national interscholastic athletic directing organizations; issues and skills to direct athletic programs in middle and secondary education. Philosophy, personnel, financial and general athletic policies and guidelines. Offered Yearly.

KHS 7310 Collegiate Athletic Administration Cr. 3

NCAA and NAIA as governing bodies. Difference in divisions and compliance rules for each division. Current collegiate athletic occupations; current issues and future trends in collegiate athletics. Offered Yearly.

KHS 7540 Concepts of Management in Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Cr. 3

Responsibilities and concerns of administrators of health, physical education and recreation programs. Basic administrative procedures, policy-making and evaluation; establishment of program goals; alternative management styles; leadership principles. Offered Winter.

KHS 7580 Entrepreneurship and Fund Raising in Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies Cr. 2

Entrepreneurial opportunities created by changing trends and developments in athletics and KHS; development and study of current fundraising concepts and ideas. Offered Winter.

KHS 7581 Sport Finance Cr. 3

Understanding financial management for planning, administering, and evaluating financial performance of sport-related entities. Offered Winter.

KHS 7990 Special Problems in KHS Cr. 1-3

Offered Fall, Winter.

Repeatable for 9 Credits

KHS 7999 Master's Essay and Project Direction Cr. 3

Development and review of essay or project. Offered Fall, Winter.

Repeatable for 9 Credits

KHS 8540 Theories of Health Behavior Cr. 3

Overview of select social and behavioral theories used to understand health-related behaviors and develop interventions. Offered Biannually.

KHS 8700 Research in the Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Activity Cr. 3

Development of in-depth understanding of psychosocial aspects of research in physical activity (exercise, sport, leisure activity). Offered Winter.

Restriction(s): Enrollment limited to students with a class of Doctorate, enrollment is limited to students with a major in Kinesiology, enrollment is limited to Graduate level students, enrollment limited to students in a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

KHS 8750 Internship in KHS Cr. 1-8

Professional experience in public or private institutions relevant to student's field of specialization. Initial plan of involvement and final evaluation. Offered Fall, Winter.

Repeatable for 8 Credits

KHS 8999 Master's Thesis Direction Cr. 1-8

Offered Fall, Winter.

Repeatable for 8 Credits

KHS 9600 Doctoral Seminar in Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies Cr. 3

Introduction to active programs of research in the field of kinesiology; research presentations and discussion by faculty, guest lecturers and students. Offered Fall.

KHS 9601 Professional Seminar Cr. 1

Critical examination, presentation, and discussion of current interest in kinesiology and health. The emphasis is on interdisciplinary communication and presentation skills. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 6 Credits