ARB - Arabic

ARB 1010 Elementary Arabic I Cr. 4

Vocabulary, forms, syntax, graded readings. Offered Fall.

Course Material Fees: $5

ARB 1020 Elementary Arabic II Cr. 4

Continuation of ARB 1010. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: ARB 1010 with a minimum grade of D-

Course Material Fees: $5

ARB 2010 (FC) Intermediate Arabic I Cr. 4

Continuation of grammar, readings in classical and modern prose. Offered Fall.

Prerequisites: ARB 1020 with a minimum grade of D-

Course Material Fees: $5

ARB 2020 Intermediate Arabic II Cr. 4

Continuation of ARB 2010. Offered Winter.

ARB 3010 Business Arabic Cr. 3

Introduces learners of Arabic to language functions associated with business and travel. Communication for immediate use; emphasis on educated spoken Arabic. Situational dialogues built around units to address topics related to business such as job interview, airplane ticket purchase, and the like. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: ARB 2010 with a minimum grade of D- and ARB 2020 with a minimum grade of D-

ARB 3110 Advanced Arabic I Cr. 3

Third year Arabic language course: advanced Arabic grammar, complexities of sentence construction in various styles (literary, political, and scientific texts; written media; business correspondence). Offered Fall, Winter.

Prerequisites: ARB 2020 with a minimum grade of D-

ARB 3120 Advanced Arabic II Cr. 3

Completion of ARB 3110; variations between classical Arabic and modern standard Arabic. Offered Fall, Winter.

Prerequisites: ARB 3110 with a minimum grade of D-

ARB 3210 Spoken Arabic Cr. 3

Introduction to authentic spoken Arabic. Language of everyday life; phonology and script. Communication for immediate use. Offered Fall.

Prerequisites: ARB 1020 with a minimum grade of D-

Repeatable for 9 Credits

ARB 3300 Conversation and Composition Cr. 3

Functional usage of language and communication in context. Critical essays written about topics discussed in class to improve writing skills. Offered Fall, Winter.

ARB 3990 Directed Study Cr. 3-6

Readings, periodic reports and consultations. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 9 Credits

ARB 5010 Medieval Arabic Texts Cr. 3

Reading and translation of Arabic Medieval texts. Literature, language, religion and biography. Offered Yearly.

ARB 5020 Media Arabic Cr. 3

Language pertinent to media communications: written, visual and audio material. Background in origin and development of journalism in the Arab world. Current major newspapers and magazines used as basic reading materials. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: ARB 2020 with a minimum grade of D-

ARB 5100 Teaching of Arabic as a Foreign/Second Language (TAFL) Cr. 3

Theoretical and conceptual framework of second language learning. Proper training in pedagogy as related to learning Arabic as a foreign/second language. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: NE 5100

ARB 5130 Classical Arabic Literature in Translation Cr. 3

From pre-Islamic period (Jahiliya) to the downfall of the Umayad dynasty in Andalusia (1492). Offered Winter.

ARB 5140 Modern Arabic Literature in Arabic and English Cr. 3

Literature and culture of Arab Nahda period (Renaissance beginning in nineteenth century), down to the present. Fiction, drama, biography, poetry. Course is offered in both Arabic and English. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisites: ARB 2020 with a minimum grade of D-

ARB 5210 Arabic Sociolinguistics Cr. 3

Arabic dialectology; Arabic as a minority language in contact. Theories and techniques developed outside Arabic, and their applicability to Arabic situations. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: LIN 5210, NE 5210

ARB 5230 Structure of Arabic Cr. 3

Survey of historical constitution and theoretical structure of Arabic. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: LIN 5230, NE 5230

ARB 5240 Quranic Arabic Cr. 3

Structures and functions of the language of the Quran. It introduces linguistic, textual, cultural, and aesthetic aspects of this language from the perspective of medieval and modern scholars of Arabic. Offered Fall.

ARB 5700 Medical Arabic Cr. 3

Students develop a medical Arabic lexicon through conversation, dialogues, role playing, mock medical situations, and writing medical reports. Offered Winter.

ARB 5990 Directed Study Cr. 1-3

Readings; periodic consultations and reports. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 9 Credits

ARB 6120 Arab Women Through Literature Cr. 3

Arabic literature by women, expressing gender vision of society, history, and women's role in Arab world and North Africa. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisites: (NE 2040) OR (NE 3040)

Equivalent: NE 6120

ARB 6700 History of Arabic Cr. 3

History of the evolution of Arabic. Data from phonetics/phonology and morpho-syntax will form the basis of study. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: LIN 6700