GLS - Global Studies

GLS 2700 (PL) Introduction to Global Stories Cr. 3

Provides students with an introductory understanding of constructions and representations of global issues and globalization in literature, film, media and the visual arts and of the ways in which human stories contribute to complex matrices of representation. Offered Fall, Winter.

GLS 2800 (SS) Introduction to Global Issues and Institutions Cr. 3

Provides a broad overview of some of the big and controversial questions facing our increasingly globalized world today and introduces some of the tools we have to confront these issues. Topics include the conflict and security threats, protection of human rights, global warming, and resource management. Offered Fall, Winter.

Equivalent: HIS 2800

GLS 2900 Intercultural Competence for a Global World Cr. 3

The objectives of this course are to explore cultures via characteristics of intra-cultural communication (varieties of language marked by history and region, gender, and migration); to acknowledge regional and ethnic variations of cultural value systems as expressed in everyday interactions as well as cultural products; to learn to reflect on one’s own cultural “branding” or vantage point as determined by ethnicity, region, and language(s) as well as within the context of lifelong learning at home and abroad. Offered Winter.

GLS 3410 (SS) Global Health Cr. 3

Introduces students to problems of disease and disorder worldwide and looks at various efforts to define and address these problems through a social science perspective. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: ANT 3410, PH 3410

GLS 3700 (SS) Globalization: Theories, Practices, Implications Cr. 3

Students develop analytical tools for appraising processes of globalization; acquire a familiarity with the current topical concerns of global studies; and examine economic, political, and cultural approaches to globalization. Offered Fall, Winter.

Equivalent: ANT 3700

GLS 3830 Topics in Global Studies Cr. 3

Special topics in global history, politics, culture, science, health, law, philosophy, language, and other fields and issues. Topics to be announced in the class schedule. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

GLS 5500 Internship in Global Studies Cr. 3

Offered for undergraduate credit only. Internship in a public or private organization related to global studies. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisite: GLS 3700 with a minimum grade of C-

GLS 5540 World Environmental History since 1900 Cr. 4

This course examines the transformation of the relationship between human society and the natural environment in global context since 1900. Available for undergraduate credit only. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: HIS 5540

GLS 5993 (WI) Writing Intensive Course in Global Studies Cr. 0

Offered for S and U grades only. No degree credit. Required for all majors. Disciplinary writing assignments under the direction of a faculty member. Must be selected in conjunction with a course designated as a corequisite. Satisfies the University General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: (May be taken concurrently: [ASN 5825 with a minimum grade of C-, ECO 5300 with a minimum grade of C-, ECO 5310 with a minimum grade of C-, ECO 5600 with a minimum grade of C-, ITA 5150 with a minimum grade of C-, NE 5000 with a minimum grade of C-, PS 4810 with a minimum grade of C-, PS 5710 with a minimum grade of C-, PS 5760 with a minimum grade of C-, and PS 6870 with a minimum grade of C-]) AND ([GLS 3700 with a minimum grade of C-])

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to Undergraduate level students.