EHP - Educational History and Philosophy

EHP 3600 Introduction to the Philosophy of Education Cr. 3

Leading philosophies of education as they bear upon education as a profession and as a discipline. Offered Every Term.

Restriction(s): Student with a major of Education General, No Major, Level 1 - Elementary Education, Level 1 - Kinesiology, PB Pre Teaching Cert, Level 1 - Secondary Education or Level 1 - Special Education may not enroll, enrollment limited to students in the College of Education.

EHP 7600 Philosophy of Education Cr. 2-3

Philosophic inquiry into educational theory and practice. For teachers, counselors, curriculum directors, administrators, and those in related professions. Offered Every Term.

EHP 9600 Doctoral Seminar in Philosophy of Education Cr. 3

Systematic study of the field of philosophy of education. Offered Winter.