FYS - First Year Seminar

FYS 1010 First-Year Success Seminar Cr. 1

This course will support first-year students' academic and personal development to promote success at Wayne State University and establish learning as a lifelong experience. Topics covered will assist students in understanding themselves as learners, setting goals and strengthening time management and study skills while developing a greater awareness of the factors that influence success and the habits that can support success. Offered Every Term.

Restriction(s): Enrollment limited to students with a class of Freshman; enrollment is limited to Undergraduate level students.

FYS 1020 Preparing for Academic Success and Career Exploration Cr. 2

Through a process of introspection and interactive experiences, this course will improve your writing; enhance your decision making and critical thinking skills and expose you to university resources and to multiple career paths in throughout the university. Offered Fall, Winter.