NE - Near Eastern Studies

NE 1900 Comparative Religion Cr. 3

Origins of religion: its social importance, its structure (fetish, totemism, myth, ritual). Pre-historic religion and the major religious traditions. Offered Winter.

NE 2000 (FC) Introduction to Islamic Civilization of the Near East Cr. 3

The origin of Islam; growth of Islamic thought and institutions; Islamic revival and reform in modern times. Offered Yearly.

NE 2010 The Bible and Ancient Mythology Cr. 3

The Bible and Biblical religion in the context of its antecedents in the ancient world. Offered Yearly.

NE 2030 (HS) The Age of Islamic Empires: 600-1600 Cr. 3

Historical evolution of the Islamic world from birth of Islam to height of Ottoman Empire. Islamic history and civilization in a world-historical context; developments indigenous to specific regions, such as Islamic Spain. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: HIS 1800

NE 2040 (HS) The Modern Middle East Cr. 3

Survey of Middle East history in modern era, focusing on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Ottoman history from 1600: impact of European imperialism and nationalist movements, resulting in development of modern state systems, regional/national conflicts, Islamic response to modernization. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: HIS 1810

NE 2060 (VP) Hebrew/Israeli Film: Trends and Themes in Israeli Cinema Cr. 3

Evolution of Hebrew/Israeli cinema from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present. Collectivism to individual concerns. From Yaakov Ben-Dov to Joseph Cedar. Course taught in English; films have English subtitles. Offered Fall.

NE 2700 Topics in Middle Eastern Studies Cr. 1-8

Specialized topics related to the Middle East: language, literature, etc. Offered Yearly.

Repeatable for 8 Credits

NE 3010 Survey of Jewish Civilization and History Cr. 4

History of the Jewish people from their biblical origins to the contemporary period. Study of primary documents as a means of understanding how Jews have responded to the challenges of living in both the Diaspora and a Jewish State. Offered Irregularly.

Equivalent: HIS 3010

NE 3011 Jewish History since 1492 Cr. 4

Major developments in Jewish History since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492. Specific topics include the impact of the Spanish expulsion, the Jews of the Ottoman Empire, Jews and the Italian Renaissance, Martin Luther and the Jews, the golden age of Polish Jewry, 1648, Shabbetai Tzvi, Hassidic Judaism, the Court Jews and Age of Absolutism, the impact of the Enlightenment, the French Revolution and the Age of Emancipation, the twin birth of Reform and Orthodox Judaism, Anti-Semitism and the Dreyfus Affair, Zionism and other forms of Jewish Nationalism, Hitler and the Final Solution, the creation of the State of Israel, and Jews in Post-World War II America, Israel, Europe, and the Soviet Union. Offered Biannually (Winter).

Equivalent: HIS 3011

NE 3015 History of Judaism and Jewish Thought Cr. 4

Development of Judaism and Jewish thought from early beginnings in the Hebrew Bible to contemporary American Jewish religious developments. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: HIS 3015

NE 3040 Twentieth Century Middle East Cr. 3

The contemporary Middle East; emphasis on social and economic development. Investigation of issues that identify the region, such as oil, gender issues, fundamentalism, and regional conflicts. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: HIS 3320

NE 3060 Ancient N E Lit Cr. 3

Offered Fall.

NE 3061 Oral History in Middle Eastern Tradition Cr. 3

Methodologies and practices of oral history. Study of the culture, history and shared experiences of Diaspora communities originating from the Middle East. Offered Winter.

Equivalent: ANT 3061

NE 3225 (FC) Modern Israeli Culture: A Pluralistic Perspective Cr. 3

Minorities in Israel; the Kibbutz; women in public life; the Arab in Israeli literature; the press; education; technology; archaeology; music and dance. Taught in English. Offered Winter.

NE 3240 (PL) Survey of Modern Hebrew Literature in English Translation Cr. 3

Modern Hebrew literature from the end of the nineteenth century to the present; includes major authors from the European, pre-state and Israeli periods. Texts are in English translation. The texts in Hebrew are also available Offered Fall.

Equivalent: HEB 3240

NE 3320 Muhammad: Life of the Prophet Cr. 3

Introduction to the historical Muhammad in context of religious, political, social and economic life of seventh century Arabia. Aspects of his career, from religious to secular, including his relationship with other religious communities. Offered Biannually.

NE 3520 Women and Gender in Middle East History Cr. 3

Women's role in Middle East history; impact of religion, culture, social and economic change on construction of gender in the Middle East. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: GSW 3520

NE 3550 (FC)Arab Society in Transition Cr. 3

Distinctive social and cultural institutions and processes of change in the Arab Middle East. Regional variations; background and discussion of current political and economic systems and their relations to international systems. Offered Irregularly.

Equivalent: ANT 3550

NE 3990 Directed Study Cr. 3-6

Readings; consultations and reports. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 9 Credits

NE 5000 Globalization, Social History and Gender in the Arabian Gulf Cr. 3

Social history of the Arabian Gulf (especially Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE) in the age of globalization. Contemporary history with special emphasis on gender relations as an index of current social developments in the region. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: HIS 5960

NE 5100 Teaching of Arabic as a Foreign/Second Language (TAFL) Cr. 3

Theoretical and conceptual framework of second language learning. Proper training in pedagogy as related to learning Arabic as a foreign/second language. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: ARB 5100

NE 5110 History and Development of Islamic Political Thought Cr. 3

Historical analysis of political Islam through study of the precepts and historical vicissitudes impacting the Islamic world from within and from external forces. Offered Fall, Winter.

Prerequisites: (NE 2030 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (NE 3040 with a minimum grade of D-)

Equivalent: PS 5760

NE 5210 Arabic Sociolinguistics Cr. 3

Arabic dialectology; Arabic as a minority language in contact. Theories and techniques developed outside Arabic, and their applicability to Arabic situations. Offered Fall.

Equivalent: ARB 5210, LIN 5210

NE 5220 Muslim Personal Law Cr. 3

Study of Muslim family law, with attention to the status of women and children in the law. Areas include: betrothal, marital contracts, forms of marital dissolution, laws of inheritance, and child custody. Focus on classical interpretation of the law, and its application in modern times. Offered Fall.

NE 5230 Structure of Arabic Cr. 3

Survey of historical constitution and theoretical structure of Arabic. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: ARB 5230, LIN 5230

NE 5300 Quran: History and Interpretation Cr. 3

Traditional and revisionist narratives of the canonization of the Quran; textual features of the Quran; history of quranic hermeneutics and exegesis Offered Yearly.

NE 5700 Topics in Middle Eastern Studies Cr. 1-4

Special topics in Middle Eastern politics, language, and literature. Offered Yearly.

Repeatable for 8 Credits

NE 5710 Islam and the Challenge of Modernity Cr. 3

Influence of Enlightenment values and colonial institutions on the social, political, and ideological structures of the Islamic World. Offered Biannually.

NE 5990 Directed Study Cr. 1-3

Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 9 Credits

NE 5993 (WI) Writing Intensive Course in Near Eastern and Asian Studies Cr. 0

Disciplinary writing assignments under the direction of a faculty member. Must be selected in conjunction with a designated corequisite; see section listing in Schedule of Classes for corequisites available each term. Satisfies the University General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement. Required for all majors. Offered Every Term.

NE 5999 Internship in Near Eastern Studies Cr. 3

Internship in a public or private organization related to Near Eastern studies. Offered for undergraduate credit only. Offered Every Term.

Restriction(s): Enrollment is limited to students with a major, minor, or concentration in Near Eastern Languages , Near Eastern Languages Honors, Near Eastern Studies or Near Eastern Studies Honors.

NE 6005 Survey of Jewish Civilization and History Cr. 4

History of the Jewish people from their biblical origins to the contemporary period. Study of primary documents as a means of understanding how Jews have responded to the challenges of living in both the Diaspora and a Jewish State. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Irregularly.

Equivalent: HIS 6005

NE 6031 Methodologies and Research in Oral History: Near Eastern and Asian Societies Cr. 3

Techniques, methodologies and legalities of studying and interpreting alternative data for historical research. Social and cultural sensitivities of Near Eastern and Asian societies and the gathering of historical information through oral research. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Winter.

NE 6120 Arab Women Through Literature Cr. 3

Arabic literature by women, expressing gender vision of society, history, and women's role in Arab world and North Africa. Offered Biannually.

Prerequisites: (NE 2030 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (NE 3040 with a minimum grade of D-)

Equivalent: ARB 6120

NE 6500 Religion and Society Cr. 3

Role of religion in societies from ancient to contemporary times. Religion as related to science, violence, patriarchy, feminism, art, government, ethics, and issues of religious pluralism. Offered Irregularly.

NE 7010 Introduction to Literary Theory Cr. 3

Graduate-level introduction to key critical perspectives, theories, problems, and questions that have informed the discussions and analyses of twentieth- and twenty-first-century literary and cultural scholars. Specific theoretical paradigms used to determine the task of textual interpretation, locate the limits of each approach, trace the emergence of subsequent theoretical paradigms, and think about how such theories might or might not be relevant in the study of specific texts. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: CLA 7010, FRE 7010, GER 7010, ITA 7010, SLA 7010, SPA 7010

NE 7100 Islam and the West Cr. 3

Areas covered include: emergence of Muslim political power in seventh century Middle East; Iberian Peninsula and religious pluralism; Crusades and their impact on religion and society in Middle East; colonialism and transfer of Enlightenment values to Islamic world; Muslim migration to Europe and America. Offered Irregularly.

NE 7300 Qur'an: History and Interpretation Cr. 3

Traditional and revisionist narratives of the canonization of the Qu'ran; textual features of the Qu'ran; history of qur'anic hermeneutics and exegesis Offered Yearly.

NE 7999 Master's Essay Direction Cr. 1-3

Offered Irregularly.

NE 8999 Master's Thesis Research and Direction Cr. 1-8

Offered Irregularly.