PS - Political Science

PS 1000 (SS) Introduction to Political Science Cr. 3

Introduction to the scope and method of political science. Overview of politics, political systems, nature and role of political institutions. Empirical political theory; practice in conducting political research. Offered Yearly.

PS 1010 (AI) American Government Cr. 4

Politics and functions of American governmental institutions. Policy processes and the role of citizens in the political process. No credit after PS 1030. Offered Every Term.

PS 1030 (AI) The American Governmental System Cr. 3

Structure and functions of the American political system. Governmental institutions and processes. No credit after PS 1010. Offered Every Term.

PS 1050 Understanding Political Science Statistics Cr. 4

Offered Fall, Winter.

Equivalent: STA 1020

PS 2000 (SS) Introduction to Urban Studies Cr. 4

Urban phenomena, past and present; quality and nature of urban life; major concerns of urban areas; perspectives and techniques of various urban-related disciplines. Offered Every Term.

Equivalent: GPH 2000, HIS 2000, SOC 2500, US 2000

PS 2240 (SS) Introduction to Urban Politics and Policy Cr. 4

Influences on politics and problems of cities, forms of local political involvement, role of local public officials, impact of state and federal policies. Overview of current issues and problems in specific policy areas. Offered Yearly.

PS 2310 Introduction to Public Administration Cr. 4

Governmental and administrative structures and organizations. Concepts and techniques of public management. Impact of public bureaucracies on modern society. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 2410 Introduction to Public Policy Cr. 4

Public policy-making institutions and processes. Emphasis on theory and practice of policy formation, implementation and evaluation. Various models of political decision making. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 2420 Ethics and Politics of Public Policy Cr. 4

Moral and political standards for policy-making, relation of major political and social theorists to policy issues such as economic inequality, racial and sexual discrimination, the enforcement of morals, and violence and social change. Offered Yearly.

PS 2440 Science, Technology, and War Cr. 4

Modern weapons, nuclear and otherwise are becoming increasingly available and dangerous; people with grievances seem eager to use them. Science and technology, as well as constraints of bureaucracy and society underpin weapons development and use, as technologies affect prospects and results of war and peace. History of humanity and its tools of war. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

Equivalent: HIS 2510, PCS 2020, PHY 2020

PS 2460 Policy and Rationality: Dilemmas of Choice Cr. 4

Individual decision-making and limitations on human cognition; collective choice; implications for policy development. Offered Yearly.

PS 2510 Introduction to Political Ideologies Cr. 4

Comparison of ideologies, political institutions, and economic systems. Democracy and authoritarianism, capitalism, socialism and communism contrasted. Offered Yearly.

PS 2550 The Study of Non-Violence Cr. 3

Intellectual and social roots of non-violence and the practice of non-violence in different people's life styles. Historical and political forces and movements related to non-violence. (Some sections linked to Peace and Justice Learning Community.) Offered Every Term.

Equivalent: HIS 2530, PCS 2050, SOC 2050

PS 2700 (FC) Introduction to Canadian Studies Cr. 3

Survey of Canada in its cultural, literary, historical, geographical and political aspects; key concepts and social patterns that define the Canadian experience. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: ENG 2670, GPH 2700, HIS 2700

PS 2710 Introduction to Comparative Politics Cr. 4

Comparison of the political cultures, politics, and political institutions of Eastern, Western, and Southern European political systems. Similarities and differences in public policies; European influence; parallels in developing nations. Offered Biannually.

PS 2810 World Politics Cr. 4

Role of power, methods of resolving international conflict, economic relations between industrialized and Third World countries, multinational corporations, terrorists, and other non-state actors. Offered Yearly.

PS 2820 Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies Cr. 3

Open to all undergraduate students. Introduction to the peace and conflict studies co-major. Survey, ranging from biology and conflict among animals to disputes involving the individual, the family, the neighborhood and region, the nation and global or international community. Definitions and approaches to peace. (Some sections linked to Peace and Justice Learning Community.) Offered Every Term.

Equivalent: HIS 2500, PCS 2000

PS 2830 Topics in Peace and Conflict Studies Cr. 1-4

Special topics relating to peace and conflict studies. Offered Every Term.

Equivalent: HIS 2520, PCS 2010

Repeatable for 12 Credits

PS 2992 Political Science Internship Cr. 1-4

Internship in a public or quasi-public organization, agency, civic or voluntary group, or campaign organization. Collateral reading, written work and arranged conferences with faculty supervisor. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 4 Credits

PS 3010 Public Opinion and Political Behavior Cr. 4

Factors that shape public opinion; patterns of political participation and electoral politics. Impact of public opinion and popular participation on the political system. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 3020 Political Parties and Elections Cr. 4

Development, structure, functions and operations of American political parties; their electoral and governmental roles; comparison with other systems; possible reforms. Offered Biannually.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 3025 Political Campaigns in America Cr. 4

Nature and dynamics of campaigns for public office in the U.S. Campaign techniques and strategies in an era of candidate-centered American politics. Offered Irregularly.

PS 3030 Political Interest Groups Cr. 4

Structure, techniques and internal politics of interest groups, their roles in policy-making and relationship with other groups such as political parties, legislatures and administrative agencies. Offered Irregularly.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 3040 The Legislative Process Cr. 4

Function, structure, procedures and politics of American legislative bodies with special attention to Congress. Relationships with other political institutions, especially the executive branch, and comparisons with foreign legislative institutions. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 3050 Politics of the American Presidency Cr. 4

Constitutional, historical, and political bases of the presidency. Influence of courts, Congress, interest groups, the news media, and personality on the office. Offered Irregularly.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 3060 State Government and Politics Cr. 4

A comparison of states in the United States in terms of their governmental structures, functions and response to changes in national and local relationships. Offered Biannually.

PS 3070 Michigan Politics Cr. 4

History and overview of Michigan politics: structure, process, current issues. Offered Every Term.

PS 3080 Gender and Politics Cr. 4

Genesis and perpetuation of gender roles; feminist movements to modify these roles; impact of gender on public policy; gender-differentiated impact of public policy. Offered Irregularly.

PS 3100 American Legal Systems and Processes Cr. 4

Analysis of the institutional structure, processes and policy-making of the American judicial system, including the recruitment of lawyers and judges, the influence of legal rules on policy-making, and selected areas of judicial policy-making. Emphasis on federal and state appellate courts. Offered Yearly.

PS 3120 Politics of the Criminal Justice Process Cr. 4

Political aspects of criminal justice; politics of crime legislation, police function, prosecution, adjudication, and corrections; Federal role in criminal justice. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: CRJ 3120

PS 3250 Detroit Politics: Continuity and Change in City and Suburbs Cr. 4

Detroit area political systems and processes; historical, economic, and social influences on local politics. Traditions, changes, and future challenges in Detroit and metropolitan area. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: HIS 3240

PS 3430 Bureaucracy and Public Policy Cr. 4

Theory and development of modern governmental bureaucracy. Bureaucratic politics and its significance for decision making and program implementation. Normative aspects of bureaucracy, including accountability to the public and the role of bureaucrats in helping to define rational, efficient policies. Offered Biannually.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 3450 Environmental Policy and Politics Cr. 4

Introductiory course; primary focus on United States. Discussion of major environmental problems and their causes; environmental politics and the policy process. Offered Biannually.

PS 3510 (PL) Law, Authority and Rebellion Cr. 4

Analysis of major theories of law, authority, freedom, and political obligation; justifications of disobedience, resistance and revolution. Offered Biannually.

PS 3515 American Political Thought Cr. 3-4

American political culture and thought through modern history from 1930 to the present. Variety of interpretations of American political culture including conservative, liberal, Marxist, and post-modernist. Offered Biannually.

PS 3520 (PL) Justice Cr. 4

Analysis of major theories of justice; social, economic and political justice. Offered Biannually.

PS 3530 Great Political Thinkers I Cr. 3

Great political thinkers from Plato to Machiavelli. Offered Biannually.

PS 3540 Great Political Thinkers II Cr. 3

Great political thinkers from Machiavelli to the present. Offered Biannually.

PS 3600 Methods of Political Inquiry Cr. 4

Techniques of political science research: data gathering techniques, especially survey design; data processing and analysis using computers; and the interpretation and reporting of statistical results. Offered Every Term.

PS 3710 Politics of Western Europe Cr. 4

Western Europe: driving force in world politics over centuries; lofty principles and gruesome conflict. Origins of European political systems; twentieth-century crises; ongoing process of creating united Europe. Offered Biannually.

PS 3715 Politics of Central and Eastern Europe Cr. 4

Central and eastern Europe: crossroads of many world civilizations and birthplace of the movements that shaped the modern world. Rise and fall (and rise?) of nationalism, communism, and democracy in the region. Offered Biannually.

PS 3735 Politics of Latin America Cr. 4

Political, social, economic and cultural foundations, the structure and function of institutions, and political processes in Latin America. Offered Biannually.

PS 3770 Politics of East Asia Cr. 4

Survey of five major polities in East Asia: China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and (more briefly) North Korea. Why some of them have undergone democratization and others have not; how political factors have affected their recent economic performance; what explains conflicts and cooperation among them, and what security implications they hold for the United States. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: ASN 3770

PS 3795 Latin America in World Affairs Cr. 4

Latin America's position in the international system; relationships between Latin American countries and the United States. Offered Biannually.

PS 3811 Theory of World Politics Cr. 4

Major theoretical approaches. Evaluation of the extent to which theses that devolve from realist, idealist, globalist, culturalist, feminist and decision-making approaches allow the explication of phenomena in world politics. Offered Irregularly.

Prerequisites: PS 2810 with a minimum grade of D-

PS 3820 Pan Africanism: Politics of the Black Diaspora Cr. 4

Interplay of Pan Africanism as a cultural and socio-political movement in world politics from its origins as a concept to organizing practice worldwide. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: AFS 3420

PS 3830 War Cr. 4

Major theoretical and methodological approaches to study of international conflict. Analysis of impact of domestic, state, and global system factors in explicating international war. Aspects of civil wars that have become internationalized. Offered Irregularly.

Prerequisite: PS 2810, with a minimum grade of C-

PS 3835 Middle East Conflict Cr. 4

International and regional factors affecting contemporary political landscape of the region: influence of European colonialism; emergence and persistence of Palestinian-Israeli conflict; contemporary developments in the Persian Gulf and the role of U.S. policy since 9/11. Discussion of topics of current interest such as the situation in Iraq and the prospects for democratic reform in the region. Offered Irregularly.

PS 3840 American Foreign Policy and Administration Cr. 4

Shaping and administering United States foreign policy; influences of Congress and interest groups on the White House; secrecy; and the foreign service. Offered Irregularly.

PS 3991 Directed Study: WSU-Salford Exchange Cr. 3-9

Credit earned through approved upper-division course work at the University of Salford, England, as part of the W.S.U.- Salford Exchange Program. Offered Fall, Winter.

PS 4460 Techniques of Policy Analysis Cr. 4

Introduction to several major techniques used by policy analysts to measure and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and equity of public policies and programs. Approaches and methodologies considered will include systems analysis, benefit-cost analysis, and simulation. This course involves quantitative data analysis. Students are expected to be proficient in basic algebra and to be computer literate. Offered Yearly.

Course Material Fees: $5

PS 4710 Democracy Cr. 4

""The worst form of government except for all the others?"" How democracy has evolved from ancient Athens until today. What makes democracy work. How democratization is proceeding in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia. Offered Biannually.

PS 4725 Globalization and Politics Cr. 4

Domestic and international politics and globalization: theories and evidence. Consequences for economic development and democratization or economic inequality. Questions explored include: What is economic globalization? Is it really new? What caused its recent resurrection? What political disjunctions engendered the process and how do they vary within political institutions? How has it threatened sovereign nation-states, constrained governmental policy autonomy, and encouraged regional separatist movements? Offered Biannually.

PS 4799 Topics in Comparative Politics Cr. 3-4

Compelling and emerging issues; thematic topics such as democratization and other changes in political institutions; regional topics such as central Asia and other rapidly changing areas of global concern. Students in P S 6799 will be assigned additional graduate-level assignments Offered Irregularly.

Prerequisites: PS 2710 with a minimum grade of D-

Repeatable for 8 Credits

PS 4810 Foreign Policies of Major Powers Cr. 4

Major issues and trends in the foreign policies of Russia, China, Japan, and the European Union. Offered Biannually.

PS 4850 International Organizations Cr. 4

Issues of global governance; role of international organizations in managing issues that cross borders. Offered Irregularly.

PS 4990 Directed Study Cr. 1-4

Offered Every Term.

PS 4995 Senior Honors Paper Cr. 4

Completion of an extended examination of a topic or research question in political science, under the direction of one or more members of the departmental faculty. Offered Every Term.

PS 5030 African American Politics Cr. 4

Nature and texture of black politics; various perspectives on politics by blacks; the impact of blacks on American politics. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: AFS 5030

PS 5040 Religion and Politics Cr. 4

Religion and American political culture; religious institutions and religious movements; church lobbying in national, state, and local governments; specific manifestations of religion and politics; African Americans, women and conservative Christians. Offered Biannually.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 5050 Mass Media and Politics Cr. 3

Role of communications media in modern politics. Historical evolution of media; political impact of newspapers, radio and television; polling and the media; political advertising; media law; mass media and the future of American democracy. Offered Biannually.

Prerequisites: (PS 1010 with a minimum grade of D-) OR (PS 1030 with a minimum grade of D-)

PS 5110 Constitutional Law Cr. 4

Examination of the power of judicial review, barriers to court review, distribution of powers in the national government, federal-state relations, federal-state power to regulate and tax interstate commerce, and protection of property through the due process clause. Offered Yearly.

PS 5120 Constitutional Rights and Liberties Cr. 4

The Bill of Rights and the Fourteenth Amendment's due process and equal protection clauses, including rights of criminal defendants, freedom of speech and religion, race and sex discrimination. Offered Yearly.

PS 5560 Biopolitics Cr. 4

Use of the perspective of the life sciences in the study of political behavior, political evolution, political institutions, and contemporary political issues. Offered Yearly.

PS 5630 Statistics and Data Analysis in Political Science I Cr. 4

Introduction to statistical description and inference in the study of politics, administration and public policy. Introduction to statistical analysis using microcomputers. Offered Every Term.

Course Material Fees: $5

PS 5710 Politics of Europe and the European Union Cr. 3

Comparative analysis of the politics, culture and societies of major European countries; investigation of the formation and operation of the European Union. Offered Irregularly.

PS 5740 Ethnicity: The Politics of Conflict and Cooperation Cr. 4

Current ethnic (racial, linguistic, religious, and cultural) conflicts regionally, nationally and internationally. Introduction to concepts and analytic perspectives for understanding ethnicity as a factor in nation building and maintenance. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: AFS 5740, PCS 5500

PS 5760 History and Development of Islamic Political Thought Cr. 3

Historical analysis of political Islam through study of the precepts and historical vicissitudes impacting the Islamic world from within and from external forces. Offered Fall, Winter.

Prerequisites: NE 2030 with a minimum grade of D- and NE 3040 with a minimum grade of D-

Equivalent: NE 5110

PS 5820 International Law Cr. 4

Sources of international law (treaty and custom); institutions of the international system and relationship to domestic law and the courts; state sovereignty; role of United Nations and other international organizations. Application of legal norms to contemporary armed conflicts and human rights catastrophes. Offered Irregularly.

PS 5830 International Conflict and Management Cr. 4

Types of international conflict and such methods of resolution as negotiation, mediation and other third-party procedures. Offered Irregularly.

PS 5850 Human Rights Cr. 4

Theoretical traditions that have inspired the human rights movement; critiques from liberal and conservative perspectives; international human rights treaties and efforts to implement their terms; controversies over cultural relativism, economic and social rights, treatment of women, and the question of non-intervention. Offered Biannually.

PS 5860 Conflict in the Nuclear Age Cr. 3

Examination of post-World War II historical conflicts using formal mathematical models and games of strategic interaction. Offered Irregularly.

PS 5890 Dispute Resolution Cr. 3

Overview of the processes and actors in the field of dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and conciliation. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: CRJ 5994, PCS 5000, PSY 5710

PS 5991 Directed Study: WSU- Salford Exchange Cr. 3-9

Credit earned through approved upper-division course work at the University of Salford, England, as part of W.S.U.- Salford student exchange program. Offered for undergraduate credit only. Offered Fall, Winter.

PS 5992 Political Science AGRADE Internship Cr. 4

Internship to supplement classroom course work with practical experience gained through substantial involvement in a responsible capacity in a public or quasi-public agency or civic organization. Offered Every Term.

PS 5993 (WI) Writing Intensive Course in Political Science Cr. 0

Disciplinary writing assignments under the direction of a faculty member. Must be selected in conjunction with a designated corequisite; see section listing in Schedule of Classes for corequisites available each term. Satisfies the University General Education Writing Intensive Course in the Major requirement. Required for all majors. Offered Every Term.

PS 5999 Special Topics in Political Science Cr. 1-4

Topics to be announced in Schedule of Classes . Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 16 Credits

PS 6010 Political Psychology Cr. 3

Political attitudes and behavior of both ordinary citizens and political elites using theory and research that adopt a psychological perspective. Topics include: political socialization, ideological belief systems, role of mass media in shaping beliefs and attitudes, race and gender stereotypes and their psychological and political consequences, personality and the dynamics of political leadership. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisite: PS 1010, with a minimum grade of D- ; PS 1030, with a minimum grade of D-

Equivalent: PSY 6020

PS 6020 Intergovernmental Relations and American Federalism Cr. 3

Legal, fiscal, political and administrative relationships among governments in the American federal system. Current issues and public policies which affect or are affected by intergovernmental relationships. Offered Biannually.

PS 6050 Class, Race, and Politics in America Cr. 3

Historical and analytic investigation into the role of class and race in American politics. Offered Irregularly.

Equivalent: AFS 6100, HIS 5110, SOC 7330, UP 7030

PS 6070 Labor and American Politics Cr. 3

Role of organized labor in American politics. Historical background, including rise of the UAW and its role in Detroit and Michigan politics. Recent declines; future of organized labor as a force in American politics. Offered Biannually.

PS 6100 Introduction to Graduate Peace and Security Studies Cr. 3

Survey of the peace and security studies fields at the graduate level. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Fall, Winter.

Equivalent: PCS 6100

PS 6120 Administrative Law and Regulatory Politics Cr. 3

Constitutional and statutory status of bureaucratic agencies; administrative powers and procedures; judicial review of administrative decisions; Congressional oversight of bureaucracies. Offered Irregularly.

PS 6340 Public Sector Labor Relations Cr. 3

History, present functionings, problems and current controversies surrounding public sector unions. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Biannually.

PS 6440 Regional, State, and Urban Economic Development: Policy and Administration Cr. 3

Examination of regional, state, and local economic development theory, analysis, policy and administration. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: ECO 6650, UP 6550

PS 6455 Discrimination and Fair Housing Cr. 3

Multidisciplinary investigation into the nature, motivations, consequences, and legal/public policy implications of racial/ethnic discrimination in housing and related markets (mortgage, insurance) in U.S. metropolitan areas. Offered Irregularly.

Equivalent: AFS 6455, ECO 6455, SOC 6455, UP 6455, US 6455

PS 6640 Statistics and Data Analysis in Political Science II Cr. 3

Modern statistical theory applied to the study of politics, administration, and public policy. Multivariate analysis: multiple regression, logistic regression, path analysis, and factor analysis. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisite: PS 5630,

Course Material Fees: $5

PS 6700 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations Cr. 3

Conducting financial management in nonprofit organizations. Topics include: legal responsibilities, cash versus accrual basis accounting, financial statements, fund accounting, fixed assets and depreciation, contributions and budgeting. Offered Yearly.

PS 6710 Introduction to Nonprofit Organizations Cr. 3

Topics include: nonprofit organizations and their history, types and characteristics, goals, external environment, legal framework, governance, leadership, management, and ethics. Offered Fall.

PS 6720 Marketing, Development, and Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations Cr. 3

How nonprofit organizations locate and secure resources from the private sector, individual philanthropists, foundations, and governments, through marketing, development, and the writing and submission of grants. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Winter.

PS 6730 Topics in Nonprofit Organizations Cr. 1-3

Specific and varying topics relevant to nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Spring/Summer.

PS 6799 Topics in Comparative Politics Cr. 3-4

Compelling and emerging issues; thematic topics such as democratization and other changes in political institutions; regional topics such as central Asia and other rapidly changing areas of global concern. Students in P S 6799 will be assigned additional graduate-level assignments. Offered for graduate credit only. Offered Irregularly.

Prerequisite: PS 2710, with a minimum grade of D-

Repeatable for 8 Credits

PS 6830 Civil War and Conflict Processes Cr. 3

Introduction to literature on civil wars: origins, variables affecting their duration, termination. Peace making and peace agreements studied comparatively. Recent Balkan and African civil wars. Offered Irregularly.

PS 6850 International Organizations Cr. 3

Covers origins and significance of international institutions in world politics. Reviews theoretical approaches to international institutions and global governance, including realist, institutionalist and constructivist. Examines problems of cooperation, delegation of power, disparities of power and the development of robust international regimes in a variety of areas of global governance (security, economic, human rights). Offered Irregularly.

PS 6860 American Foreign Policy Cr. 3

Contending paradigms of realism and liberalism as they relate to programs for American foreign policy. Offered Yearly.

PS 6870 United States Foreign Relations Law Cr. 4

U.S. constitutional law and politics relating to the branches' competencies in conduct of foreign affairs and to incorporation of international law in U.S. courts; war powers, counterterrorism, treaties, human rights litigation, immunities. Offered Biannually.

Prerequisite: PS 5110, with a minimum grade of D- ; PS 5820, with a minimum grade of D-

Equivalent: LEX 7888

PS 7020 The New Institutionalism Cr. 3

Applies concepts of rational choice theory to explain the development of political institutions. Offered Fall.

PS 7030 American Political Processes Cr. 3

Political socialization, public opinion, and political behavior. Role of political parties and interest groups in the political process. Offered Biannually.

PS 7040 American Governmental Institutions: Congress and the Courts Cr. 3

Examination of the functions, structure and processes of major American governmental institutions with special emphasis on the Congress and the courts. Offered Biannually.

PS 7045 American Governmental Institutions: The Presidency Cr. 3

Analysis of the American presidency: the presidency and American political development, relationship of the office to other major political institutions, nature and sources of presidential power. Offered Yearly.

PS 7050 American Political Culture Cr. 3

Analysis of the relationship between belief systems and political action in America. Focus on patterns of social change and conflict management. Offered Yearly.

PS 7099 Topics in American Politics Cr. 3

Topics chosen by faculty; may include: gender politics, political socialization, voting behavior, political parties, and interest groups. Offered Irregularly.

PS 7210 Approaches to the Study of Urban Politics Cr. 3

Examination of aspects of the urban political process and the research methods used in studying them. Topics include forms of political participation, political structures, community power and influence, strengths and weaknesses of case studies, comparative research, aggregate and individual data. Offered Biannually.

PS 7240 Urban Public Policy Cr. 3

Overview of major theoretical approaches to understanding urban/regional problems and politics. Focus on following regional issues: interdependence of populations across municipal borders, municipal fragmentation, racial and economic segregation, mobility of labor and capital within and across regions. Offered Biannually.

PS 7250 Seminar in Urban Administration Cr. 3

Administration in agencies with urban-related policy and program functions. Focus on: public services delivery; urban systems development; program-project design, implementation and evaluation; and intergovernmental relations. Offered Biannually.

PS 7260 Urban Poverty and Racial Segregation Cr. 3

Review of theories of poverty from various economic/political perspectives; historical intervention policies; current literature on the interplay of racial, economic and spatial factors on growing economic inequality among urban whites and African-Americans. Political rationale and meaning of the ""underclass"" debate. Offered Biannually.

Equivalent: AFS 6600, ANT 7260, SOC 7350, UP 7260

PS 7300 Public Administration and its Environment Cr. 3

Emergence and evolution of public administration as both a profession and a field of study. The role of public bureaucracies in the political process and efforts to ensure administrative accountability and responsiveness to the democratic system. Administrative relationships with elected executives, legislatures, the judiciary, the media and interest groups. Offered Yearly.

PS 7310 Public Management Internship Cr. 3

Internship designed to integrate graduate course work with practical knowledge and experience gained from employment in a responsible capacity in a public agency or nonprofit organization. Offered Every Term.

PS 7320 Organization Theory and Behavior Cr. 3

Study of major theoretical approaches to the structure, functioning and performance of organizations and the behavior of groups and individuals within them. Offered Yearly.

PS 7330 Public Budgeting and Finance Cr. 3

Processes of public budgeting in the United States; political dynamics of budgetary decision-making; assessment of efforts to change budget systems; basic concepts of fiscal analysis of expenditure patterns and revenue sources. Offered Yearly.

PS 7340 Public Personnel Management Cr. 3

Examination of the public personnel systems of American governmental units; analysis of current practices and techniques for recruiting, selecting, training, promoting, compensating and removing public employees. Major issues in public personnel management such as collective bargaining, equal employment opportunity, civil service reform and employee productivity and performance. Offered Yearly.

PS 7350 Managing Public Organizations and Programs Cr. 3

Processes and techniques for managing public organizations and providing public services. Topics include: total quality management, communication and information management, motivation and supervision of subordinates, planning and decision making. Relying on for-profit and nonprofit organizations in service delivery. Offered Yearly.

PS 7375 Professional Development Seminar Cr. 1-2

Analysis of managerial techniques and practices currently used by administrators in the public sector. Emphasis on managerial applications of information technology, administrative writing and presentation skills, and organizational and behavioral approaches and techniques. Content areas will vary with yearly offerings. Offered Yearly.

PS 7410 Policy Formation and Implementation Cr. 3

Analysis of the processes through which public policy is made and implemented. Examination of the factors that promote or impede the development and realization of rational, effective, and responsive public policy. Offered Yearly.

PS 7420 Nmtv Iss: Pub Plc Cr. 3

Offered Biannually.

PS 7460 Program Evaluation Cr. 3

Theory and practice of program evaluation. Role of program evaluation in the policy process. A number of theories of evaluation will be presented, followed by a discussion of techniques. Topics include total quality management, bench marking; utilization of evaluation. Offered Biannually.

Prerequisite: PS 5630, with a minimum grade of C-

PS 7470 Comparative Public Policy Cr. 3

Provides a comparative introduction to the field of public policy for graduate students. Topics covered include actors and institutions involved in policy making, key concepts, major policy theories and frameworks. After establishing this conceptual foundation, students will explore substantive policy in the U.S. and international context, with attention to the sources of policy differences, such as political institutions, economic conditions and culture. Offered Biannually.

PS 7480 Policy Analysis for Administration Cr. 3

Introduction to the conceptual foundations of public policy analysis as well as training in various policy analysis tools. Opportunities for students to do policy analysis. Offered Yearly.

PS 7550 Topics in the History of Political Thought Cr. 3-6

Survey of selected political theorists by period or theme; emphasis on interpretation of major works. Offered Biannually.

PS 7560 Contemporary Political and Social Theory Cr. 3-6

Analysis of selected major problems, topics, and themes in recent political and social theory. Offered Biannually.

PS 7580 Political Theory of Public Law Cr. 3

Legal restraints on exercise of public power as conceived in works of early modern theorists (e.g., Machiavelli, Locke, Montesquieu, and Madison), and as applied in constitutional arrangements that have emerged in a range of historical settings. Topics include: role of law in totalitarian political systems; emergency rule; comparative approaches to judicial review. Offered Yearly.

Equivalent: LEX 7659

PS 7640 Introduction to Game Theory Cr. 3

Standard elements of game theory including some political science applications for illustrative purposes. Emphasis on gaining facility with theoretical concepts and tools. Offered Biannually.

PS 7660 Research Methods in Policy and Politics Cr. 3

Analytic methods in the study of politics and public policy: formulating researchable problems, use of models, research design, measurement, data collection, and computer-based data analysis. Offered Yearly.

Prerequisite: PS 5630,

PS 7710 Seminar in Comparative Politics Cr. 3

Research-oriented seminar in which students learn basic approaches to the study of domestic policy-making through the comparative method, including structural, cultural, institutional, elite, and rational choice approaches. Offered Yearly.

PS 7711 Advanced Seminar in Comparative Politics Cr. 3-6

Analysis of selected major issues, topics, and debates in the field. Offered Biannually.

Repeatable for 99 Credits

PS 7720 Comparative Politics of Advanced Industrial Democracies Cr. 3

Provides an in depth at the political structures and institutions of advanced industrial democracies and at the methods, concepts and theories of comparative politics that further our understanding of those countries. Offered Winter.

PS 7730 Seminar: Comparative Politics of Developing Countries Cr. 3

Intellectual questions and methodological strategies political scientists are addressing in the study of politics in the developing world. Offered Irregularly.

PS 7740 Political Economy Cr. 3

Seminar course; comprehensive survey of political economy: interaction between the government and the economy; microeconomics of politics. Offered Biannually.

PS 7810 Seminar in World Politics Cr. 3

Major theoretical approaches. Students evaluate the extent to which theses that devolve from realist, idealist, Marxist, culturalist, decision-making, and alternative approaches allow us to explicate phenomena in world politics. Offered Biannually.

Repeatable for 9 Credits

PS 7811 Advanced Seminar in World Politics Cr. 3

Examination of broad range of substantive topics; student develops ability to conduct independent research in world politics subfield; introduction to alternative theoretical approaches and different methods for conducting empirical research. Major performance objective is student development of a research design. Offered Biannually.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

PS 7995 Directed Study Cr. 1-6

Offered Every Term.

PS 7997 Research in Political Science Cr. 1-9

Offered Every Term.

PS 7999 Master's Essay Direction Cr. 1-3

Offered Every Term.

PS 8000 Readings in Political Science Cr. 3

Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 6 Credits

PS 8600 Philosophic Problems of Social and Political Inquiry Cr. 3

Required of all doctoral students. Exploration of competing philosophies of science and their relevance to the study of politics. Study of selected problems in political inquiry, including objectivity, commensurability, and progress. Review of disciplinary history and assessments of contemporary approaches to the study of politics. Offered Biannually.

PS 8999 Master's Thesis Research and Direction Cr. 1-8

Offered Every Term.

PS 9990 Pre-Doctoral Candidacy Research Cr. 1-8

Research in preparation for doctoral dissertation. Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 12 Credits

PS 9991 Doctoral Candidate Status I: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5

Offered Every Term.

PS 9992 Doctoral Candidate Status II: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5

Offered Every Term.

Prerequisite: PS 9991, with a minimum grade of S

PS 9993 Doctoral Candidate Status III: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5

Offered Every Term.

Prerequisite: PS 9992, with a minimum grade of S

PS 9994 Doctoral Candidate Status IV: Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 7.5

Offered Every Term.

Prerequisite: PS 9993, with a minimum grade of S

PS 9995 Candidate Maintenance Status: Doctoral Dissertation Research and Direction Cr. 0

Offered Every Term.

Repeatable for 0 Credits