BLW - Business Law

BLW 2510 Business Law I Cr. 3

Introduction to the domestic and international legal systems as they relate to business. Impact of the legal environment on management decision-making and the legal and ethical implications of contracts and sales, including product liability. No credit after ACC 2510. Offered Every Term.

Prerequisites: BA 2020 with a minimum grade of D-

BLW 5190 Business Law II Cr. 3

Legal, ethical and managerial implications of various forms of organizing and operating a business; corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships. Negotiable instruments and the banking system; agency and professional liability. Offered for undergraduate credit only. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: ACC 2510 with a minimum grade of C

BLW 7210 Business Law for Entrepreneurs Cr. 3

Legal issues related to building and financing of new ventures, including contract law, leases, intellectual property and employment law; formation and operation of business enterprises including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations,; benefits and disadvantages of each type; formation, sale or dissolution; tax issues and record-keeping. No credit after ACC 7210. Offered Winter.

Prerequisites: BA 7000 with a minimum grade of C

BLW 7220 Law of Corporate Management and Finance Cr. 3

Law governing business corporations; fiduciary duties of managers and directors in situations such as mergers, acquisitions, securities offerings, market domination, litigation. No credit after ACC 7220. Offered Irregularly.

Prerequisites: BA 7000 with a minimum grade of C